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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


 come to Jogja as to have no end in enjoying the tour. ranging from culinary to the Javanese culture. one of the culinary offering a different atmosphere in Yogya is home Raminten. Raminten eat at home, you will be served a different atmosphere to other places. a relaxed atmosphere, friendly and a bit mystical.

kereta kuda pajangan di house of raminten

once you get into this restaurant, you will see a unique interior. there are two ancient horse-drawn carriage on display in the main room. under a horse-drawn carriage, there are always lit incense frankincense, accompanied with fragrant flowers.

in addition to horse-drawn carriages, there are places to sit cross-legged, where you can sit huddled with your friends.

other than in the front room, you can be deeper, there are rooms that provide more privacy atmosphere.

cangkir kopi berbentuk payudara

service at this diner, very different, where The waitress dressed in traditional Javanese, wearing a tank top that opens on top of it, typical clothing palace daughters.

Raminten himself is portrayed with an icon of a man dashing dress with full clothes women's clothes Central Java. with thick facial makeup and glasses.

Raminten menu in this a restaurant , no less commotion, no rice sheath of rice roasted in bamboo. there are hot and cold drinks with strange names. but a concoction of beverages here feels good and fresh, a blend of spices and herbs.

minuman sereh jahe

pisang bakar keju coklat

nasi koteka

bakpia raminten rasa keju


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