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Friday, January 20, 2012

decorate a electrical pole in the yard

home visiting to professor Ananto Yudono at Makassar I am interested in one form of electric poles decorated with pots and other objects. At first glance, it looks artistic power poles.  

often we saw, an electric pole which happened to be in the yard of the house looks disturbing, where the beauty of the park was blocked by the presence of an electric pole. even disturbing view.  

location of the existing land power lines, sometimes lost its function, whether as park land or will serve as a land to build the room. so often the presence of an electric pole in the yard trying to move the other locations, eg at the edge or boundary fields. 

however, if forced to power lines can not be moved with a variety of reasons, the means used by the professor Ananto can be used as a reference. in order not to disturb the beauty of an electric pole park, even the beauty of the park could become an icon in front of the house
good luck, may be useful.


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