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Thursday, November 3, 2011

mount kawi, Ask prosperity while on a pilgrimage

Been to Mount Kawi, not only can enjoy the beautiful natural charm. More than that, visitors can ask for sustenance as well as pilgrimage. 

PASAREANG Gunung Kawi, is a place of religious tourism in East Java. Located 36 km from the city of Malang, was at the height of the valve cool. In Gunung Kawi, by looking down the sights, mountains and clouds appear white. It felt as though we are on an airplane. 

In Gunung Kawi, there is a tomb pavilion propagator of religion, Islam's called Kanjeng Kiai Zakaria II. Kiai is usually called Kanjeng Panembahan Djoego. Died on Sunday legi, Pahing Monday evening, January 22, 1871. Kanjeng is the grandson of Prince Hario Bendoro Diponegoro. . Luga there is the tomb of Imam Soejono Raden Mas, who died on Tuesday night and Wednesday kliwong wage Syuro 12 1805 or February 8, 1876. Raden Mas Soejono Imam is the grandson of Prince Hario Balitar and great-grandfather of Sultan who ruled the palace Hamengkubowono I Ngayogyakarta years 1755-1792. Not far from the tomb there is a mosque called the Great Mosque of Imam Soejono.

People who come on pilgrimage to the tomb of Kiai at Gunung Kawi, like the never-ending. They make pilgrimages as he asked for sustenance. Persons belonging to the richest in Indonesia reportedly never been to Gunung Kawi. 

According to the story, his success became rich after a visit to Mount Kawi while asking sustenance. But after successful there that do not appear again. A recurring rest of his family and deliverables in the form of aid. But there is also regularly visited every year for the pilgrimage to Mount Kawi. 

Stories from mouth to mouth on the success of many people after bersiarah, causing a visit to Mount Kawi increasingly crowded course. Especially on Friday evenings and nights a Shura. Most who come are mothers. They bring flowers and offerings. Among them there is also a remembrance and read salawat prophet. They ask for prayer and pleading fortune with their own languages​​.

In the mountains there are homes receiving orders Kawi offerings. It is up to the message goat curry or fried chicken with yellow rice. Offerings were eaten abuzz after the show, and ask for sustenance grave pilgrimage.

So if you visit Mount Kawi does not have to bother, prepare enough funds Throughout the hall to hall filled with vendors. Frame on the right path full of sellers of all kinds. Start selling flowers to snacks and fruits. There are also drinks coffee and ginger. In the parking lot of cars lined the parking lot, sign the visitors and the town pretty much. 

To Mount Kawi vehicles must pass through the gate to pay admission. Such highway alone. The road to the pavilion's grave, after the fall looking for a parking lot, have to walk. More and more crowded night. The peak at 24.00 o'clock at night. 

Because it's always crowded settlements around the pavilion. Many people's houses and hotels designed for the mess. Many people stay for the ceremony of "ask for bread" until well into the night.

They, the pilgrims, entered the pavilion graves, pray and ask for sustenance. The visitors wrote down the names and intentions. A man who dressed in traditional Javanese read out through loudspeakers. Name and his intention was read in the Java language. Someone asked for sustenance, after graduation exams, marriage, and other successes. How to read similar style in perwayangan mastermind.

For those who are close to the cemetery was given bundle flower to soak and then later be used bath. It as a lubricant to citaa his goal achieved. 

After that, a group of people around the pavilion five times. Like the tawaf, too, so in order to complete the perfection of that intention and prayer. also in addition to the pavilion there are wells. Water is taken and there is brought home. Such water zam - zam in Mecca. Gunung Kawi water is considered to be a blessing and a provision also gives a better. 

Kiai Kanjeng known to teach unity and mutual respect for other groups. Because it's pavilion at Mount Kawi's tomb was visited also other faiths, including those from ethnic Chinese. They pray according to their respective religion. 

Pavilion tomb at Mount Kawi, there are two arches his trademark. The old gate and front gate. There is a trap ladder to go up to the marquee. The main capital that needs to be taken is the flower for nyekar. In the courtyard there grew a tree cermai pavilion named dewandaru. The fruit is sweet and sour red when ripe. This tree is considered tree sustenance.

Therefore there are visitors who take the leaves and fruit tasting. In addition it is a carrier of food crops, namely "Tela Gunung Kawi", kind of sweet potatoes, sweet, oily skin and only grow around pasarean Kawi, purplish-red color.

For the first time visit to Gunung Kawi, no need to worry. There are many Toru guide, the guide or pointer pilgrimage. They explained the history, history, and meanings people visiting this pavilion. Also explain what is good to do in order to get sustenance. Of course there is also the hope of sustenance for himself after that explanation. Indeed there is such a plain tip of every visitor to her.

Because of that hope, they are very complete explanation is even interesting. Sometimes we made ​​like a talisman. Thousand dollars of paper money, used to wrap fruit trees dewandaru, then delivered and stored in the wallet. He said it like a talisman carrier always contains a provision that wallet.

Gunung Kawi, is the area of religious tourism. A cool area and crowded visitors. The story of the sustenance of Gunung Kawi is widespread. And who believe more and more alone. Proven people came more and more forever.

But for many Muslims, a matter of sustenance was referred directly to God the Almighty. That the matter of one's sustenance, only one God who dictate and not have to pass Gunung Kawi
Gunung Kawi (foto:


Elvirah said...

Looking at the picture you've put on a slideshow, it seems like an awesome place to visit and have fun. Never heard so much about this place and its history and with you post i got to know there is this place with rich history.

windflow said...

This place is situated at an altitude of 2860 meters above sea level in the province of East Java, Malang Regency, District Wonosari, Village Wonosari.

Gunung Kawi pesarean geographically located to the west of the city of Malang, approximately ± 53 km from the city of Malang, Malang direction Kepanjen south to the city, and from the city Kepanjen headed north to Mount Kawi tours.

Entering the tourist area of ​​Gunung Kawi ritual in the downtown district Wonosari, were two gigantic statues as a greeter at the entrance road to the monument reads 'Welcome'. Then enter through the gate first and then gate 2 and gate 3 to be in court pesarean Gunung Kawi.

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