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Thursday, October 27, 2011

kecimol, typical bride overture lombok

my trip this time, through the Lombok capital Mataram east toward the town of West Nusa Tenggara. on Sunday, we'll see a lot of weddings lombok typical. on one day, we can meet with 4-5 groups bridal procession.

marched toward the house of the bride groom. towards the bridegroom's house in a nearby village, along the journey of the bride in procession accompanied by relatives. it is also accompanied by a group of musicians who in the typical east lombok call kecimol .

Kecimol is one type of traditional music from East Lombok, Village Lenek Aikmel District. Instrument consisting of harp, jidur drums, mandolin and a violin. Lyrics of the song contains the phrase education for young people making love. This kind of music has evolved in various sub-districts in East Lombok.


arya said...

thanks for the article and the information is very helpful and very useful

windflow said...

thanks for your comment here...arya

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