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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ande-Ande Lumut Performer

Ande-Ande Lumut Performer: Group of Children
Yesterday, we told a solo batik carnival 2011 in a solo show featuring carnival figures legends in the city solo. I will now tell you about  Ande-Ande Lumut Performer: Group of Childre. 

Tells the story of Prince Inukertapati who met with Klething Yellow, the youngest of four children (Kleting Red, Green Kleting, Kleting Blue), children of a widow in the village where his father Prince Inukertapati rule. Secretly they remember each other. In the liver, Prince Inukertapati know, she smelled the roses that are candidates for empress Banyuarum the most perfect kingdom. Unfortunately, they never met again. 

A few years later, a handsome young man named Ande Ande Lumut (son of a widow) announced that he was looking for a wife. Unlike the other village girls, and also his brothers, Kleting Yellow reluctant to go because he still remembers Prince Inukertapati. But thanks to advice from the stork magical helper, then finally the Yellow Klething also participated. 

In a way, it turns out they had to cross a deep river. At that time, came the river keeper Yuyu Kangkang (giant crab). Yuyu's offer to take across them in exchange for a kiss. all the village girls who will be applying soon approve it, only Kleting Yellow reluctant to kiss the Yuyu. With Sodo Lanang (giving Stork), Yellow Kleting made it across without having to kiss the Yuyu. Long story short, Ande-ande Lumut know Yellow Kleting that not only kissed the Yuyu, so he chose the Yellow Kleting as his wife. Yellow Kleting realized Ande Ande Lumut is Inukertapati beloved Prince. Yellow Kleting Banyuarum brought to the kingdom to become empress by the name of Goddess Sekartaji.
Carnival Characters: 1. Prince Inukertapati 2. Ande-Ande Lumut 3. Goddess Sekartaji 4. Yellow Kleting 5. Red Kleting 6. Kleting Green 7. Kleting Blue 8. Mbok rondho Dadapan 9. Yuyu Kangkang 10. Crane


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