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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

solo batik carnival 2011 'Miracle legend'

Event Solo Batik Carnival as a major annual events is the city of Solo in 2011 it entered the implementation of the 4th, Solo Batik Carnival at the idea and designed as a world community based carnival using batik as a matter of creativity the creation of a fantastic carnival costumes. Each participant in the compulsory follow carnival costume design workshop for 4 months with independent financing of the participants, carnival costumes that are designed to be used solely by the participants in the Solo Batik Carnival event all 6 KM. Routes carnival: Home Solo Center Point, Purwosari-Surakarta City Hall.

Solo Batik Carnival 2011 with the theme 'Miracle legend'. The legend is a story that is considered really happened, the legend is usually told about the characters, objects, place names and others. The legend is also part of the rich culture and history which is owned by the Indonesian people are very diverse

Solo Batik Carnival to 4 in 2011 made ​​the legend as well as efforts Inspiration theme interpretation-creation of society through the creation of immaterial Costume Carnival Legend batik to present a fresh and interesting so that people more familiar with cultures in Indonesia.
Solo Batik Carnival this year will be different from previous years, but held in the evening, participants costumes in shades of golden image in the magic legend, the costumes are made in such a way based on the characters that exist in legend. SBC # 4 not only shows the grandeur of Solo-style carnival costumes, will also feature choreography combined with the accompaniment of gamelan music orchestra.

4 legend known in Java; Roro Jonggrang, Queen of the South Coast, Kencana Wungu and Ande-ande Lumut in select a theme event Solo Batik Carnival 2011


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