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Sunday, June 5, 2011

the old city of semarang, the little netherland

 gereja khatolik gedangan

 polder depan stasiun tawang

 gedung asuransi jiwa sraya

 gereja blenduk
More than 200 years old and used as "tetenger" (Landmark), the city of Semarang. Located at Jalan Let Jend. Suprapto no.32. Named Blenduk church because the top 2 towers and a large dome. The dome in the Java language means Blenduk. This building was founded in 1753, was used for church Nederlandsche Indische Kerk.

This building was repaired again in 1756, 1787, and 1794. In 1894 this building was overhauled as the situation now.

The architect of this development is the HPA de Wilde and WWESTMAS. The existence of this church played a big role against the development of Christianity in Semarang.

Based on its history, the city of Semarang has an area which is at about the 18th century became the center of trade. Region in the area now called Old Town. At that time, to secure the citizens and territory, the area was built fort, named for the fort VIJHOEK. To speed up the lines of communication between the third gate on the fort was then made ​​the roads of communication, with its main street is named: Heeren STRAAT. Currently named Jl. Let Jen Soeprapto. One of the existing location of the door of the castle today is Berok Bridge, called ZUIDER DE POR.


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