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Monday, May 30, 2011

ayam ketawa asli sidrap sulawesi selatan

At first glance there is nothing special with this chicken. The shape, color, and size similar to chicken in general. However, who would have thought chicken could be a unique sound like people laughing.
That's why it's called chicken laughing. Chicken is a chicken laughter coming from the District Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap), South Sulawesi, about 184 kilometers from Makassar.
From the region of origin, the chicken is called chicken manugaga. Manu means chicken and gaga means chicken stutter or stammer.
In addition to laugh, this chicken can also make a sound like a dangdut song, slow rock, even rock. According to the Bugis community trust, this chicken can also bring good luck.
So no wonder, if the selling price of chicken laugh  is very expensive  until tens of millions of rupiah. Today many who hunt chickens kept laughing to himself or sold again.
in this video is chicken laughing a collection of  mr. Baharudin who lived in the town of Tarakan East Kalimantan. (081253813xxx).


windflowers said...

ga pake kelas jenis ajep2 ya..hihi

windflow said...

kl itu ayamnya bang toyib..ajep2 trus mpe lupa pulang kandang..wkkk

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