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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

susu kuda liar sumbawa berkhasiat istimewa

 The island of Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) is an area that has long been recognized as a producer of livestock, like cows, buffaloes, and horses. Most of the island of Sumbawa generally have livelihoods as farmers, especially horses.
The island is mostly a plateau and hilly arid with low rainfall. The area was only covered with grass and shrub plants known as savanna, so that this region is very suitable for animal husbandry development. Conducted community farm on the island of Sumbawa no way impound their livestock. Animals allowed to roam in spacious paddocks.
Paddocks lined up starting at the western end of Sumbawa town to town in the east end of Bima. Throughout the eye could see, across the right and the left road that looks grazing land. Farm animals to feed themselves. Food consumed is very diverse. Not rare horses that eat poisonous plants or poisonous animals.
Because of the diversity of food consumed that is, according to a number of people who understand the world of medicine, which makes the difference from the wild horse milk with other dairy Sumbawa Island. Equine horse developed is Sumbawa. The horses were generally used to transport Cidomo, horse racing, and beef cattle. Sumbawa horse population is estimated at not less than 73 thousand heads.
Horse livestock commodities are generally sold in local markets and a small portion marketed to other regions, especially East Java. While horse milk-producing animals remains a special and largely contained in Sumbawa Regency, Dompu, and Bima. Bred horses that will be collected when needed, especially in the planting season arrives.

Wild horses on the island of Sumbawa is the horse that the owner be allowed to live freely in large paddocks. Thus, the wild does not mean no man's land and completely free to roam to anywhere, because well fenced paddocks. Meanwhile, the horse will be taken milk, was soon arrested by the owner. Though it seems wild horses against other people, but benign when in the hands of its owner or handler.
After his arrest, a mare that will be milked, one leg tied behind him or her waist, so that the horse was not running. Horse milk production varies depending on its type.
Therefore, wild horse who milked the horse is not truly wild. Perhaps that's why the use of the term wild horse milk since 1997 turned into Sumbawa horse milk. but the efficacy of Sumbawa horse milk is believed to consumers has not changed much, because the production process is no different than before.
Sumbawa horse milk by a number of people who eat them are believed to have various medicinal properties to cure diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, paralysis, rheumatism, diabetes, kidney, thalassemia, anemia, typhoid, cancer of the blood, lowering cholesterol, and cure pneumonia.
In addition, Sumbawa horse milk is believed to prevent miscarriage and increase the vitality and virility of men.
From the results of some studies, Sumbawa horse milk have the privilege that is not experiencing clotting and damage although it is not pasteurized and without any preservatives.
But, for Sumbawa horse milk consumption is also no rule life. Sumbawa horse milk that sour taste that should be consumed in warm conditions, but is stored in a cool (refrigerator). The recommended consumption of between half to one drink a day. Sumbawa horse milk, infants consumed more suitable, because the nutritional content is very close to the composition of breast milk.

Levels of casein, lactose, fat, protein, and minerals, and fatty acid composition was composed of short chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed.
Nevertheless, he still reminded that the fermentation process considered, because of bacteria exist everywhere, for example, from the hands of a milking or the nipples horse.


indra said...

terimakasih untuk informasinya semoga bisa memberikkan nilai manfaat untuk orang banyak..

windflow said...

sama2 mas indra..semoga lebih byk lagi orang yang tahu ttg susu kuda liar sumbawa sebagai kuliner khas indonesia..

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