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Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the fourth day, seger beach lombok island

Another beach near Kuta is seger beach. This beach has white sand, and become the main attraction for tourists. In addition to natural scenery, the water was clear and calm so that it can to swim. When passing the coastline, fresh beach is located very close to Kuta beach. However, when we pass through the paved road, felt pretty much having to take a detour.

seger coast is part of a local folklore legend. Typically, in February, the community held a party of the people of Lombok smell Nyale (catch worms) along the south coast of Lombok island. The party of the people is concentrated in coastal fresh because this is where the legend Nyale begins.

A folk tale that tells of a princess named Princess Mandalika. He sacrificed himself in order to avoid bloodshed in his country by jumping off the top of the hill on the edge of the southern ocean. Body Mandalika lost but then came the sea worms which then believed to be the reincarnation of the princess.

Aka Nyale this worm appeared on 16 points south coast of Lombok island, which stretches as far as tens of kilometers from east to west, among other things kaliantan coast, coast to coast Selong kuta mullet. But the most crowded location is fresh beach, located in the village of Kuta, Pujut district, central Lombok.

After fresh still other beaches, such as Mawi, Selong mullet, rowok, and mawun. The last two most suitable for wind surfing and other beach to sport. Mawun, which is located 8 km west of the village of Kuta, is a secluded beach but very beautiful. Waves satisfying surfers because the waves are consistent. After a day of enjoying the beach until the end, you can immediately drove back to Mataram, when without a layover, the trip takes about 2.5 hours.


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