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Friday, March 4, 2011

lombok trip: The third day, kuta and headland aan.


Distance from Mataram to the Kuta beach about 70 km. quite tiring, especially the trip indirect driving, but stopped at some handicraft villages, which are scattered along the road. On the beach is found also a number of hotels. Of course that is already known is a four star hotel Novotel Coralia Resort Lombok. Hotels with a natural concept, presenting the peculiarity of Lombok style, like a roof of reeds, the use of coconut tree wood. Complete with play facilities for children and adults. Another option, two star hotel kuta indah Lombok , then the matahari inn, and tastura beach resorts.

Hotel latter also designed with style house Sasak tribe. Being in the middle of white beach of Kuta. In addition, there are several classes homestay options.
This is a beautiful day to enjoy Kuta beach and headland tip is aan. aan beach has a wave of relative calm. The eastern part, stretching long beach with sand grains creamy. In the west, separated by a small headland, the beach stretches even longer with sand grain size is very fine like flour and white. Aan is a very nice place for boating, fishing, and at some point may also for snorkeling.
 While Kuta is a long beach. You can enjoy this south coast in a day or two. First day in Kuta and aan, the next day to visit another beach not far from Kuta. Beaches in this region are more quiet than the Senggigi beach. However, about beauty, not less. In addition to the long coastline and charming white sand, sea waves are high and can be used for surfing.



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