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Monday, March 14, 2011

Nyepi celebrations in Bali

Hindus in Bali to prepare a variety of activities to welcome Hari Raya Nyepi (Saka New Year 1932) which falls on Tuesday, March 5. One of them by making thousands of ogoh-ogoh or a giant statue. Ogoh-ogoh parade this year will be lively because the government contested.  
Unlike last year, where the parade is prohibited because it coincided with the 2009 Presidential election campaign. Thousands of ogoh-ogoh it would paraded along the street since the afternoon until the evening before Nyepi Day or night Pengerupukan

On Nyepi Day's momentum, for 24 hours on the island of Bali life activity almost completely paralyzed, soluble in silence, solitude and peace, an atmosphere that does not exist anywhere in the world.On the island which is also called "The Icelandic of God" that most of the Hindus, the majority of Balinese people, totally abandon worldly things such as work, travel and even eat or drink.

Balinese tradition is turned fully appreciate the United Nations Environment Agency (United Nastions Environment Programme, UNEP). They have adopted the practice of Nyepi become World Silent Day (WSD) every March 21 of each year.

As is known, the World Silent Day was all over the world are invited to stop the use of energy and do not drive a motor vehicle for 4 hours starting at 10:00 until 14:00 local time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

bau nyale lombok island

Odor Nyale party is a tradition Sasak tribe, tribal island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, especially along the coast of Central and South Lombok is routinely carried out every year. Party tradition inherited Odor Nyale hereditary by this Sasak tribe since before the 16th century AD.
This tradition is related to the folklore that developed in the community Pujut. Pujut is a name of the district which is part of Central Lombok regency, are in a position south / southeast from the point of the capital city of Lombok Tengah (Praya) with the distance about 15 km to the south.

According to custom, the community in conducting this ceremony held at Seger Kuta Beach (South Beach). It is said that the story that a king enthroned in a kingdom called the Kingdom of Tunjung Bitu in writing and literature palm Jejawen Tonjeng Beru, the King had a daughter named Princess Mandalika. Her face was beautiful, slim body and fine temperament. His personal charm to make the princes of the country fell in love to it as a wife.

There is not a prince had come to apply repudiated. That is what caused the princes hostile and potentially open warfare. Initially, Princess Mandalika make decisions, her future husband is determined from the winner in the battle that will be a main. Who won the war, he was the right to edit it. However, Princess Mandalika finally inner conflict. He was restless and pensive figure out how to avoid bloodshed. There is no other option for the Princess. He also decided to sacrifice himself.

In front of her parents, the princes, and its people, the Princess gave up her soul. On top of a rock, the princess went into the open sea.

Before the plunge, Princess Mandalika said, "O Kakanda - kakandaku a very I love and loved ones, and all kalewarga Kingdom Tonjeng Beru / Blue Tunjung this I've made a mistake (Nyalaq) because all Kakanda Satria-kakandaku is a courageous and powerful mandraguna, besides that I really love you as kalawarga Tunjung Blue, if I was carried off by a knight who is this, obviously there will be bloodshed and I will not be together again with you guys, this thing that I can not do and will never exist hearts and my mind, as a daughter of King consequent (overlapping) and will never break her promise, to fulfill the promise that once I say, then I will throw themselves at sea south of this, 20 months later on December 10 Sasak calendar, I will come up with a form another for everyone-not exist unless it were to enjoy and feel the fleece. "

Along with the waterfall the Princess to the sea, wind, lightning and thunder and lightning strike. The atmosphere at the beach becomes a mess. Voice heard screams everywhere.
A moment later, the atmosphere relaxed. The prince and the royal family immediately find the Princess in a place where she immersed herself. There was no sign of the Princess in that place.
However, suddenly popping up small animals which is very large from the seabed. Worm-shaped marine animals that have a very beautiful color, a mix of white, black, green, yellow, and brown. The animal was then called Nyale.

People who witnessed the incident believe, is the reincarnation of Princess Nyale Mandalika. In accordance with the Princess's message, they finally roll in and are competing to take the sea worms as much as possible to be enjoyed as a sign of love for the Princess.
Taking a marine worm that came to be known in Lombok as Bau Nyale (catch Nyale).
That's the sacrifice of the princess to avoid war is happening. The location was believed to place Princess Mandalika plunge into the sea now known as Seger Kuta Beach, Lombok Tengah.
And, a more traditional ceremony known as the Feast of Odor Nyale this is one concrete example that shaped the history trail Folklore, especially the Folklore partly oral.
As for the story of Princess Mandalika can be categorized as one of the traces of history in the form of a legend that is believed true by the Sasak ethnic community.

barongko traditional snack from bugis tribe

Barongko is a typical dessert Bugis-Makassar area which is made from ripe fruit Kepok Banana steamed with banana leaf . Long ago in the reign of the kingdom in South Sulawesi, Barongko is a luxurious dessert, and only presented to the Kings, and presented at a particular moments, like a wedding, birthday, and others.

To add flavor and taste, Barongko basic ingredients are usually added with chopped fruit or coconut Jackfruit young

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the fourth day, seger beach lombok island

Another beach near Kuta is seger beach. This beach has white sand, and become the main attraction for tourists. In addition to natural scenery, the water was clear and calm so that it can to swim. When passing the coastline, fresh beach is located very close to Kuta beach. However, when we pass through the paved road, felt pretty much having to take a detour.

seger coast is part of a local folklore legend. Typically, in February, the community held a party of the people of Lombok smell Nyale (catch worms) along the south coast of Lombok island. The party of the people is concentrated in coastal fresh because this is where the legend Nyale begins.

A folk tale that tells of a princess named Princess Mandalika. He sacrificed himself in order to avoid bloodshed in his country by jumping off the top of the hill on the edge of the southern ocean. Body Mandalika lost but then came the sea worms which then believed to be the reincarnation of the princess.

Aka Nyale this worm appeared on 16 points south coast of Lombok island, which stretches as far as tens of kilometers from east to west, among other things kaliantan coast, coast to coast Selong kuta mullet. But the most crowded location is fresh beach, located in the village of Kuta, Pujut district, central Lombok.

After fresh still other beaches, such as Mawi, Selong mullet, rowok, and mawun. The last two most suitable for wind surfing and other beach to sport. Mawun, which is located 8 km west of the village of Kuta, is a secluded beach but very beautiful. Waves satisfying surfers because the waves are consistent. After a day of enjoying the beach until the end, you can immediately drove back to Mataram, when without a layover, the trip takes about 2.5 hours.

Friday, March 4, 2011

lombok trip: The third day, kuta and headland aan.


Distance from Mataram to the Kuta beach about 70 km. quite tiring, especially the trip indirect driving, but stopped at some handicraft villages, which are scattered along the road. On the beach is found also a number of hotels. Of course that is already known is a four star hotel Novotel Coralia Resort Lombok. Hotels with a natural concept, presenting the peculiarity of Lombok style, like a roof of reeds, the use of coconut tree wood. Complete with play facilities for children and adults. Another option, two star hotel kuta indah Lombok , then the matahari inn, and tastura beach resorts.

Hotel latter also designed with style house Sasak tribe. Being in the middle of white beach of Kuta. In addition, there are several classes homestay options.
This is a beautiful day to enjoy Kuta beach and headland tip is aan. aan beach has a wave of relative calm. The eastern part, stretching long beach with sand grains creamy. In the west, separated by a small headland, the beach stretches even longer with sand grain size is very fine like flour and white. Aan is a very nice place for boating, fishing, and at some point may also for snorkeling.
 While Kuta is a long beach. You can enjoy this south coast in a day or two. First day in Kuta and aan, the next day to visit another beach not far from Kuta. Beaches in this region are more quiet than the Senggigi beach. However, about beauty, not less. In addition to the long coastline and charming white sand, sea waves are high and can be used for surfing.


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