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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

days two in lombok : Tours craft.

for handicraft products, the province's warehouse. Before heading out of town, there's no harm come to the village saying, unfortunately, from the chakranegara centers only slightly uphill. Villages in the district of Inbound, Mataram Municipality is one of the crafts center in the city. The most commonly found here is the craft of wood. Start crate Lombok with a sprinkling of different shells to gecko-shaped wall hangings, masks, and others. Anyway, all-wooden craft.

Out of the cakranegara, there Banyumulek village, Kediri district, western Lombok. About 15 kilometers from Mataram, really quite close. Here are a variety of pottery. Lombok typical plate made of clay, a large jar or pitcher-gum unique of this island, which must be filled from the bottom, is produced here. Demand from abroad had already often filled by artisans. Home residents average a pottery showroom. Their work space, were generally around the house, so you can watch the manufacturing process. They also provide packaging services so that the craft of clay that you buy will be safe until the destination.

After Banyumulek village, the long journey south began. If you want to be completely satisfied look handicrafts Lombok, after entering the town of Praya district, first to the village beleke. About 15 km from the Praya. Slightly deviated from the direction of Kuta beach, but here can be found in the center of woven bamboo and rattan craft. It comes in various forms of home decoration products. As the tissue, the base food, trays, coasters, baskets and more. After that, go back and headed towards Praya sukarara.

Most people probably would directly lead to sukarara village, district of sacramental west, east Lombok. About 25 km from Mataram. This is the village artisans of traditional woven with motifs that are categorized as typical in Lombok. Not far from sukarara headed to Kuta beach, there's more dasa pottery artisans, namely Penujak village, district of western Praya, Lombok middle.

One more and then stop off at the village or villages Rambitan Sade. Lombok typically settlement that is still traditional. Old houses are still preserved, including the floor of the house of clay mixed with buffalo dung and the roof of reeds. Unique culture and tradition, so often a stopover local and foreign tourists. Daily activities of the mothers were weaving can also be found here. A number of souvenir items can be obtained here. It lies about 56 km from Mataram. Population of residence in this village is known as the Sasak tribe. About 14 km from the village sasak this, you will arrive at Kuta beach.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

combing southern lombok ; day first

There are three dimensions that is never separated from the current holiday in Lombok: Senggigi beach, three gili (water, Trawangan, meno), and mountain rinjani. from the airport Selaparang, Ampenan, all three are easy to reach. perhaps this year you want to try another area? along the southern Lombok, Mataram directly to the beach of Kuta with a stop at a craft center along the road. ends at the seger beach , lively during the bau Nyale ceremony was held between February and March each year.

first day
culinary lombok. trip from Jakarta-Mataram is generally accomplished in 1 hour 50 minutes. there by direct flight, there is also a stopover in Surabaya. between Jakarta and Mataram there is a difference about an hour. Mataram time earlier. general aviation at 10:30 pm or 16:00 pm GMT. As a result, on the first day, you can do is around the town of Mataram.

This activity is actually just a nice thing because Mataram offers a variety of offerings that really can make the tongue addicted. one that should not be overlooked is Plecing kale, chicken Taliwang, until beberok. all spicy and make eating a gusto.

did not bother, you can look at the various shops to restaurants in this city. one restaurant that is famous is chicken Taliwang irama, the way Ade Irma Suryani No. 10. if you want to taste of his homeland, try to village Taliwang, Cakranegara. here there is a row of houses Taliwang chicken restourant with a delicious aroma. roast chicken with herbs typical, a typical chili paste, tomatoes, red peppers, palm sugar, and red and white onions. then feels crunchy spinach, kale is different on the island of Java. combined sprouts, fried peanuts, and of course the chili sauce. full after eating, rest, long trip starting tomorrow morning.

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