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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the search for milk in Bandung, from ancient times until now

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale or better known as the BMC of milk center of Bandung. At first, BMC is a community gathering milk from farmers in the city of Bandung in the early 20th century. Whole milk from 22 farms that reach production 13 thousand liters per day is collected by the BMC and processed and pasteurized before they were distributed and consumed by customers both in and outside the city of Bandung.

Formed BMC history can not be separated from the policy of the Dutch East Indies colonial government began compiling the importance of consuming milk. It is based on the habits of Dutch people who consume milk in Europe. The government finally started to bring in dairy cows Friesland (Netherlands) at the end of the 19th century.

in the BMC you can enjoy a variety of drinks which is a product of milk, among other Coctail Yoghurt, Milk Shake, Shake Yogurt, whole milk or milk with different flavors such as chocolate or strawberry. In addition there are other products that contain milk such as ice cream for example Ice Cream Tart Mini Tiramisu, Ice Cream Tart Mini Black Forest, Ice Cream Yogurt Stick, and others. One drink is also delicious is Shalimar.

Besides beverages prepared from milk, BMC also has a menu that is quite famous in the city of Bandung. Favorite meals at BMC namely Tail Soup Fried. You can enjoy fried oxtail soup served with a sauce separate. Pain at BMC fried oxtail is very tasty soup broth plus the added pleasure of the main menu is Fried Tail Soup.

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) In addition to the main food menu and drinks from the milk, BMC also provides a variety of other foods such as rice lead, uduk rice, roasted rice, Pepes rice, fried rice, curry, gado-gado. There is also a menu of European dishes such as lasagna schotle mixed Italian-style mozzarella cheese. There is also Zupa-Zupa chowder served with pieces of chicken meat and mushrooms covered with bread (Puss pastry).

While enjoying your meal in Bandoengsche Melk Centrale or BMC, you can also see the unique architecture of old Dutch buildings are used as this restaurant. The exterior of this building is maintained following the old Dutch era buildings. Similarly, the interior is very classic but has been styled with the modern. On the walls of the room BMC, you can see pictures of the ancient city such as Jalan Braga earlier times.

Location located at Jalan Aceh BMC No. 30, near the Parliament building in Bandung. If the Jalan Braga, you just straight to the north and then turn left at Jalan Aceh. Not far from there you will find BMC. If you visit the city of Bandung, you can make the BMC as one of the interesting culinary destinations.

Rp.22.000 liwet rice prices, - while the chicken Katsu Rp.19.500, - strawberry yogurt and MoCA Rp.11.000, - whereas for yoghurt cocktail Rp.13.500, -

BMC address at Jl. Aceh No.30 tlp.022 4204595.
Branch: Mall PVJ - Bandung, Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Blok A6-B Kav.17, Jakarta

Friday, December 17, 2010

inter-religious harmony in Indonesia

island of the gods that the majority of population are Hindus, but still uphold the inter-religious tolerance. side by side and in harmony. respective faiths can worship each run. in Bali, there are 3 places of worship together in one location. there are churches, mosques and temples.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

kenduri jogja : come to jogja

Mengharap kehadiran Teman2 Semua dlm KENDURI JOGJA "Ayo ke Jogja" yg akan dipimpin langsung Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. Minggu, 5 Des 2010, Titik 0 Jogja (depan Kantor Pos Jogja & sepanjang Malioboro) Jam 6 pagi. Mari kita tunjukkan bahwa Jogja aman, Jogja dapat dikunjungi.

the Green Canyon in West Java

One of the famous tourist places in West Java is the Green Canyon. From Ciamis City it is about 130 kilometers, about 31 kilometers from the renowned Pangandaran beach or half an hour trip by car. The original name of this place in the local tongue is “cukang taneuh,” which means a bridge of land, a piece of ground track that resembles a rising bridge, which is actually formed by a penetrating river below. This path is used by farmers to cross into their gardens.

Other nearby attraction is Batukaras, not far from the local airport of Nusawiru. The name Green Canyon is first coined by a French tourist. The greenish color of river water may be the reason why this place is so called. The cukang taneuh or bridge of land has a width of 3 meters and length of 40 meters connecting the Kertayasa and Batukaras rural areas.

The attraction is represented by a river flow all through the Cijulang cave with stunning stalactites and stalagmites while the river is flanked by two hills of ancient rocks with trees on both banks providing natural unique and challenging attractions to navigate. Right at the upstream is a cave where the bridge of land lies on top.

Before reaching the attractions in the upstream, the river flow is quite long that you may want to swim it up with the flow and waterfalls. For those who like diving, it is advisable to bring scuba gears to enjoy the spectacular scenery through incredible basins along the river depth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

keliling kota gede

simple things we do in between daily activities can be a little treat fatigue mind. afternoon, riding a bike 'onthel' around kota gede, along the road corridors between the houses. narrow streets with walls as high as 2 meters in a typical township kota gede. wall around the entire house and yard. so when we get around in the hallways, as if trapped in an endless labyrinth. sometimes, we have to come down from the bicycle when passing road users from the front. or we have to come down from the bicycle when passing a group of mothers who were gathered at the guard post which usually exist at the intersection of the alley.

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