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Friday, November 19, 2010

The cheapest hotel in Bali island

Bali tourism is still a mainstay of this nation. now all the more easy by the existence of transportation and accommodation are often doing the promo department low cost.

who does not wish to Bali, island of the gods who always become a tourist's dream? of course, all considerations are not far away from the cost factor which must be drawn, especially to stay. first, maybe you need to reach the pockets deep enough to stay in a comfortable, safe, and strategic. and while financial conditions were mediocre, the streets can not be maximal, because the money has gone to pay for accommodation.

but it was not to be an issue anymore, because the tune will provide solutions to stay cheap and safe. as a traveler, you certainly want to reduce the cost of staying, so the money could be used for other activities that maximize the enjoyment of tour events.
cheap but not cheap
which is the concept of Tune, which reduce the cost of lodging costs to provide an opportunity to spend more for other things, as well as actively supporting the local business network. These hotels offer experience in star hotels to bed at a low price. yes, from  Rp. 68,000 hotels, you can enjoy facilities like those of the bedrooms in hotels. even if it was the promo you will get a price like crazy. for example one of their promo price of  Rp. 28 per night room, crazy right?

each room is equipped with a private bathroom with a shower of high-pressure hot water, so even though pay cheap, but amenities remain qualified, with a maximum level of privacy. also with security is maintained 24 hours, from key access to cctv.

with a very cheap price with luxurious facilities, but do not forget that the above price is only for a room with only basic facilities, such as a fan in the ceiling as conditioning. does not include ac, towels, basic toiletries (soap and shampoo), breakfast, and several other facilities. but if you need any additional extra, you just inform the front office. everything can be obtained with a very affordable price. so you only pay for what you use it. so, although the price was very cheap, you can still save, by selecting facilities that are needed. as a picture, towel rental Rp. 16,500 (30,000 deposit will be refunded when returning the towel), ac  Rp. 49 000 (12 hours), Rp. 82.500 (24h), in-room wifi Rp. 55.000 (24 hours)

as a suggestion, you should book a hotel room far in advance in order to get the cheapest room rates. if you come directly, you may not get the cheapest price. to reserve a room, you can see it here tune kuta located very close to Kuta beach. only 6 minutes walk to the beach. even this hotel is located adjacent to the shopping and culinary areas near Kuta Square on Kuta beach road.

if your activities around the hotel, for lunch, you can stop at plengkung in kuta highway No. 90, close to the Joger. local food is very delicious, especially for those who like fried chicken or grilled fish. evening you can enjoy the sunset at the rock bar at Ayana Resort, located right on Kuta beach. dinner there can choose jimbaran beach, here a paradise for seafood fans. if you enjoyed clubbing, please streets in Legian, just walk and you are the center of Bali island crowds.

it was not satisfied to Bali without shopping, by-the typical Balinese can be found in stores krishna. located close to the Joger and with the cheapest prices in Bali.


jovine said...

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Russell said...

It’s wonderful when there are good travel websites that cater to your needs, offer discounts and give tourists an exciting Bali hotel to stay in!

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