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Thursday, October 28, 2010


not wrong if this archipelago bears the nickname "equatorial emerald" because its natural beauty bath interwoven strands of beautiful sparkling gems at the equator from west to east end. air travel in the travel more than five hours from jakarta paid off with a natural charm that is owned by the city of Jayapura, the capital of the easternmost province in Indonesia.Jayapura this beautiful city situated in the bay Jayapura.

before World War II, jayapura occupied by the Dutch government and given the name Hollandia. name Hollandia given by the captain Sache in 1910. Hollandia meaning of the name itself is a place or land that was the bay.and it is true when viewed from the top of the hill, this city is so beautiful landscape combined with the bay which is also a major port city of Jayapura.since the Dutch era, the city with the original name of this Numbay had several times changed the name of Hollandia changed his name to a new city, then Soekarnopura and finally Jayapura.

such as the hum of nature are so beautiful, brought every human being fascinated by it. located on the banks of the bay make it as a town beach and harbor.was behind them, humble ranks of mountains and high hills towering. when viewed from a height like a horseshoe with the two sides are in altitude.


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