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Monday, November 1, 2010

witnessed the Ramayana ballet performance at prambanan

Ramayana ballet tells the life of Rama. While ballet is shown only a small part of the journey of life of Rama. This story comes from the flow / Hindu religion which came from India, then India too is very famous story. Prambanan Temple was chosen as the venue for ballet because the temple is a temple of Hindu religious heritage and the story of Ramayana is also the story wing Hindu. Prambanan Temple serves to pay homage to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and God Grace. This temple also serves to preserve the culture and introduce the history for the tourists.

The language used in Ramayana Ballet is the language of Java. So far never expressed in other language versions, but explained in narrative form (text translate english and Indonesian language). Work done by the executor to retain ballet is to form a Ramayana ballet in story form, and by publishing books, and make shadow puppets. This story is themed story of Rama and Ravana fight to marry a beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. This story contains a message that to get what belongs to us, we must try hard, trust, and ask God's help. In addition, greed and evil will be defeated. There are a lot of character - character in this story. Among others:
1. Rama is kind and always tried to get her back what was lost.
2. Dewi Shinta is gentle
3. Leksmana who are loyal to Rama
4. Ravana is evil and greedy
5. Marica (Kijang Kencana)
6. Jatayu
7. Hanuman
8. Sugriwa
9. Subali
10. Iriyata
11. Kumbhakarna
12. Goddess Tara

This story has a background in ancient times and set in place in the State Mantili, the kingdom of Lanka, Dandaka Forest, Cave Kiskendo, Argasoka Park. This story has a plot forward. Synopsis is as follows:
Rama Wijaya, Shinta, and are venturing into the forest Leksmana Dandaka. Rawana see Dewi Shinta and wanted to marry her. So Rawana Marica told to turn himself into a golden deer. Shinta is fascinated by the gazelles golden golden deer caught telling Rama. Then Rama go chasing deer. After a long wait, Shinta was worried and told Leksman to follow Rama. Before leaving Shinta, Leksmana create a protective circle around Shinta. When Ravana realized that Shinta alone, he then disguised as an old beggar and then kidnap Shinta and took him to the kingdom of Lanka. On the way to Lanka Ravana met Jatayu and they fought, and Jatayu lost. When Rama and Leksmana realize that Sprott has been lost, Rama thinks Jatayu had killed him but was arrested Leksmana. Jatayu explains everything and then he died. Then came the capture Hanuman tells Subali goddess Tara from Sugriwa. Rama then willing to help Sugriwa. Subali then defeated Sugriwa assisted by Rama. Sugriwa finally decides to help Rama rescue Sinta. Then Hanuman was sent to the kingdom Alenka. Meanwhile Ravana Shinta who reject proposal to marry her arrive - arrived to hear the song sung by Hanuman. Then Hanuman destroyed the Garden Palace burnt Argasoka Alengka. Then Hanuman reported troop strength of the opponent to Rama who built the bridge to attack Lanka. After that war going on and defeated Ravana. Then Rama Shinta meet again, but Rama Shinta dubious sanctity. With the help of God of Fire Shinta managed to prove her holiness. And finally receive Shinta Rama back.

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