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Thursday, September 23, 2010

ngaben in bali

Cremation is Ngaben is carried out in Bali, especially by the Hindus, Hinduism Nowhere is the religion of the majority on the island of thousand temple. In the Panca Yadnya, this ceremony is Included in Yadnya Pitra, namely the ceremony devoted to the ancestor spirit. Ngaben ceremony at its core meaning is to restore the Ancestral spirits (dead) to its original place. A man has Pedanda said Bayu, sabdad, eyelash, and after death Bayu, word, eyelash was restored to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. 
Ngaben ceremony is usually conducted by family or relatives of the deceased, as a form of respect for a child to his parents. In this ceremony once the funds typically Spend 15 million to 20 million rupiah. This ceremony is usually done with colorful, no sobs, Because in Bali there is a belief That We Should not mourn Those WHO Died Because it Could have almost the spirits of the journey toward his place. 

Day of execution is determined by finding good day Ngaben Which is usually determined by Pedanda. A Few days before the ceremony conducted Ngaben Families assisted by the community will of create a "Bade and Ox" a very stately wooden, Colored paper and other materials. "Bade and Ox" This is where the body Which Will Be Held Ngaben.

In the morning the ceremony was conducted Pls, family and relatives and the community will from gather to prepare the ceremony. The Corpse Will Be cleaned or commonly called "Nyiramin" by society and family, "Nyiramin" is led by WHO Considered the oldest people in the community. After That the body would fit with traditional Balinese clothes like a person Who is still alive. Implemented before the top event, the entire family will of give on their last respects and prayed diupacarai Gave spirits obtain a good place. When everything is ready, then the body will from be placed in "Bade" to be carried to the grave rollicking place Ngaben ceremony, accompanied by a "gamelan", "Chant the sacred", and followed by all the family and society , in front of "Bade" 'there is a meaningful long white cloth as the ghost of an opening toward the street Nowhere She belongs. At Each junction or intersection so "Bade" is played 3 times. Arriving at the cemetery, Ngaben ceremony conducted by placing the Corpse in "Ox" Which has been prepared starting with the other ceremonies and prayers of Ida Pedanda spell, then the "Ox" burned changed from Ash. Ash is then dumped into the sea or Rivers That Are Considered sacred.
After this ceremony, the family cans pray for calm from the holy sites and Ancestral Temples respectively. This is the cause of family ties in Bali is very strong, Because they want always remember and honor lelulur and Also on their parents. There is a belief That Experiencing Reincarnation of Ancestral spirits Who Will be back in the family circle again, so usually a grandchild is a Reincarnation of his parents.


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