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Friday, September 17, 2010

kartini beach jepara

Kartini Beach Recreation PARK actually being recognized by the rembang and the surrounding communities since the Dutch colonial era. In the Dutch colonial era, the park next to be used as a recreational area is also used to monitor sea traffic in the surrounding waters of Apex. In that place there are old buildings that are expected as a meeting place and a party of Dutch people.

According to information from the Tourism Office rembang, on the roof of this building was never found writing digit year of manufacture of building, namely the year 1811. If this is true then it is likely the building was built in the reign of Governor-General HW Daendels (1808-1811) renowned as the initiator of the construction of roads Anyer - Panarukan it. Rembang is one of the towns traversed by the road. 

Tourism object Kartini Beach Recreation Park; be in the Great Lakes village, District of rembang. Distance from downtown rembang ± 500 M and easily accessible by public transportation, tourism object has historical value, said Coast in such places, the sea is used for ceremonies, alms, while the objective that the fishermen receive any proceeds from the safety and getting a lot of fish. But now fishermen have held a ceremony that tradition in each village.

As for the Recreation Park Sightseeing Kartini Beach is still held every once a year ritual or tradition that is called with the th syawalan, where the tourists both domestic and foreign tourists arrived at the event which is held on the 5th day after Hari Raya Idul Fitri. Usually the activities undertaken by tourists abuzz with the family boarded the boat to the island Marongan allegedly also historic. So that tourists can get the memories after coming home in the area of each dwelling, the major daily or twice in a month on Sunday at the Sightseeing in regional arts degree art performances, and the tourists can also enjoy typical local food of embang available at that time a typical souvenir of acquisition of Apex which objects the sea with nice shapes and motifs are also available there.


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