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Thursday, September 30, 2010

berau , east kalimantan destination

you already exist in  Berau, East Kalimantan? if you want to obtain good memories and can enjoy during your trip, you should come to the place the following:

  1. GIE river. swift-moving river, suitable for rafting.
  2. The tabur mountain palace. inside the museum, we can find a replica of the royal throne adorned with objects that are used by the king to receive guests and meeting with officials of the kingdom, there are also beds that are decorated with unique netting, used by the king as a retreat.
  3. Sambaliung palace. one of the historical tourist attraction which still stands majestic and preserved in the district sambaliung. cultural heritage which proves, Berau district has two intertwined royal anti-imperialist solidarity.
  4. Lunggun. Dayak coffins are buried in the caves of the mountains.
  5. Redep cape town . is the center of the district of Berau. all trading activities and public facilities there are in this city as well as means of entertainment

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a rare gecko from gunungpati have caught

lizard who had changed the color to black and the shape also changes other than the usual lizard. whether this lizard? gecko rare or new species? black lizard was found inside the house of mas rowi , in the mountain districts Ungaran semarang central java. when the lizard was visible, directly in the chase and captured and then enter into a clear container to appear.been fed a small grasshopper.

Monday, September 27, 2010

paranormal figure movie eat pray and love a lot of tourists come

Ketut layer name more famous as a psychic or 'smart people'. not only in Bali, but also internationally. it can not be separated from the novel and movie eat, pray, love (EPL), starring a beautiful actress julia roberts.i Mangku Ketut layer, male 95 years old who live in areas rich Pengosekan banjo, Ubud, Bali is now busy incredible, after becoming a central figure in the novel and film that EPL.

from morning to evening many guests who came. more and more things coming in the afternoon.layer takes approximately 30 minutes to predict and treat every guest. indeed, after the publication of novels written  EPL Elizabeth Gilbert, author of a former American journalist, Ketut layer house is getting crowded. 

especially after the novel by the author's background story was filmed with a beautiful star Julia Robert and local star Christine Hakim. because this house became the main filming location of this movie. Gilbert even want to invite Mangku layers come into play in a romantic film, but because of his health condition is not possible, he did not play.

indeed, the residence of Mangku liyer that are not so plush has a distinctive charm. the house was assessed to be eligible for a romantic ambiance as Gilbert has experienced decades ago. Therefore, the house was transformed in such a way that the ancient impressed.

layer in one day be able to serve 20-30 people. both local residents, domestic visitors from several cities in Indonesia, as well as foreign guests from various countries. the most of even foreign visitors, mainly from U.S., Japanese, Australian, German, Dutch and Russian.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ngaben in bali

Cremation is Ngaben is carried out in Bali, especially by the Hindus, Hinduism Nowhere is the religion of the majority on the island of thousand temple. In the Panca Yadnya, this ceremony is Included in Yadnya Pitra, namely the ceremony devoted to the ancestor spirit. Ngaben ceremony at its core meaning is to restore the Ancestral spirits (dead) to its original place. A man has Pedanda said Bayu, sabdad, eyelash, and after death Bayu, word, eyelash was restored to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. 
Ngaben ceremony is usually conducted by family or relatives of the deceased, as a form of respect for a child to his parents. In this ceremony once the funds typically Spend 15 million to 20 million rupiah. This ceremony is usually done with colorful, no sobs, Because in Bali there is a belief That We Should not mourn Those WHO Died Because it Could have almost the spirits of the journey toward his place. 

Day of execution is determined by finding good day Ngaben Which is usually determined by Pedanda. A Few days before the ceremony conducted Ngaben Families assisted by the community will of create a "Bade and Ox" a very stately wooden, Colored paper and other materials. "Bade and Ox" This is where the body Which Will Be Held Ngaben.

In the morning the ceremony was conducted Pls, family and relatives and the community will from gather to prepare the ceremony. The Corpse Will Be cleaned or commonly called "Nyiramin" by society and family, "Nyiramin" is led by WHO Considered the oldest people in the community. After That the body would fit with traditional Balinese clothes like a person Who is still alive. Implemented before the top event, the entire family will of give on their last respects and prayed diupacarai Gave spirits obtain a good place. When everything is ready, then the body will from be placed in "Bade" to be carried to the grave rollicking place Ngaben ceremony, accompanied by a "gamelan", "Chant the sacred", and followed by all the family and society , in front of "Bade" 'there is a meaningful long white cloth as the ghost of an opening toward the street Nowhere She belongs. At Each junction or intersection so "Bade" is played 3 times. Arriving at the cemetery, Ngaben ceremony conducted by placing the Corpse in "Ox" Which has been prepared starting with the other ceremonies and prayers of Ida Pedanda spell, then the "Ox" burned changed from Ash. Ash is then dumped into the sea or Rivers That Are Considered sacred.
After this ceremony, the family cans pray for calm from the holy sites and Ancestral Temples respectively. This is the cause of family ties in Bali is very strong, Because they want always remember and honor lelulur and Also on their parents. There is a belief That Experiencing Reincarnation of Ancestral spirits Who Will be back in the family circle again, so usually a grandchild is a Reincarnation of his parents.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

flying fish, highly nutritious and cheap from mamuju

Flying fish are small pelagic fish, live on the sea, including fast swimmers, like the light at night and be able to slide out of the water surface and floating in the air. Fly fishing is one component of pelagic fish found in tropical and sub-tropical waters with no cloudy conditions and muddy waters.
Flying fish body length (Hirundichtys Oxycephalus) 3.9 to 4.1 5.8 to 6.4 x length x height head and body and have an average length of 18cm.The upper body of a dark, shiny lower body, this thing aim to avoid predators both from the air or from water. Dorsal and anal fins transparent, gray caudal fin, ventral fin grayish on top and a light at the bottom, pectoral fin dark gray with short piebald. Pectoral fin length and can be adapted to float, and contains much weaker with the thorn thorn first unbranched, and the remaining branches. Weak spines in dorsal fin amounted to 10-12, 1-12 in the anal fin, the pectoral fin 14-15 with the first fin unbranched.cycloid scales relatively large size and easily separated.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giant Anchor from kartini beach

One attraction which lures people to come to where it is anchored by a giant who is known as an anchor community Dampo Awang. It is said that the story, when Sam Khong Phoo sailing in the Java Sea in the framework of the expedition to the South, his ship in large waves lunge to severely damaged. Ship's anchor chain off and stranded in rembang, while the sails in the wind storm which fell on the beach Bonang now famous as a stone screen.

By considering the events subsequent Rembang perpetuate the anchor as a symbol of the spirit of maritime. In fact, the anchor who formerly was in the midst of Kartini's Beach in 2003 moved to a safe place. The anchor is now in the monument which is equipped with protective glass and lights are built on the waters edge of the beach, exactly 20 meters from the coastline.

Now, Kartini  Beach Recreation Park more beautiful shape. At the holidays lots of visitors who come to the place. Not only the citizens of  rembang, but from other regions such as Blora, Bojonegoro, Pati, Jepara, and also wanted to see the beauty of the nearby rembang Kartini Beach.

Friday, September 17, 2010

kartini beach jepara

Kartini Beach Recreation PARK actually being recognized by the rembang and the surrounding communities since the Dutch colonial era. In the Dutch colonial era, the park next to be used as a recreational area is also used to monitor sea traffic in the surrounding waters of Apex. In that place there are old buildings that are expected as a meeting place and a party of Dutch people.

According to information from the Tourism Office rembang, on the roof of this building was never found writing digit year of manufacture of building, namely the year 1811. If this is true then it is likely the building was built in the reign of Governor-General HW Daendels (1808-1811) renowned as the initiator of the construction of roads Anyer - Panarukan it. Rembang is one of the towns traversed by the road. 

Tourism object Kartini Beach Recreation Park; be in the Great Lakes village, District of rembang. Distance from downtown rembang ± 500 M and easily accessible by public transportation, tourism object has historical value, said Coast in such places, the sea is used for ceremonies, alms, while the objective that the fishermen receive any proceeds from the safety and getting a lot of fish. But now fishermen have held a ceremony that tradition in each village.

As for the Recreation Park Sightseeing Kartini Beach is still held every once a year ritual or tradition that is called with the th syawalan, where the tourists both domestic and foreign tourists arrived at the event which is held on the 5th day after Hari Raya Idul Fitri. Usually the activities undertaken by tourists abuzz with the family boarded the boat to the island Marongan allegedly also historic. So that tourists can get the memories after coming home in the area of each dwelling, the major daily or twice in a month on Sunday at the Sightseeing in regional arts degree art performances, and the tourists can also enjoy typical local food of embang available at that time a typical souvenir of acquisition of Apex which objects the sea with nice shapes and motifs are also available there.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BOS ( borneo orang utan survival )

samboja lestari project has a mission to recreate teh rainforest that once stood in this area thereby creating a natural habitat for the orangutan and other wildlife.
BOS - satwa located on subway of balikpapan - handil km. 44 samboja subdistrict kutai kartanegara, and the following website :
the orangutan reintroductions projects uses various areas within samboja lestari for orangutan rehabilitation and reintroduction. one of the program is, the forest school (sekolah hutan) is where orangutans can gain forest experiences, freely roaming through the trees, needing only sleeping cages. and also samboja lestari is home to one of the worlds largest sun bear projects.
they take care the maintenance of the cages, observations on the behaviour of newly formed groups, creation of behavioral enrichment and the gathering of leafy branches. samboja lodge is a new venture for the borneo orangutan survival ( BOS). visitor will be able to say in newly built lodge and either rest and enjoy the forest setting.
the area around the lodge has been planted with many indigenous tree species, flower and fruiting trees. there is also small salt lake right the beside the lodge, which attract the local wildlife such as monitor lizards and small tiny deer.
the lodge consist of two long levels and a center tower. the lodge's unique design is based upon local dayak long house. most interior and exterior walls are made of recycled materials. traditional kalimantan handicrafts adorn the walls and are produced by both local and dayak communities around the island.

Monday, September 13, 2010

time stopped at Dieng plateau

Dieng plateau is an area on the border between Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regency, Central Java Province. located about 26 km north of Wonosobo regency, with 6000 feet of elevation reaches 2093 m asl ATW. Dieng cool temperature in the cold approaching. Temperatures range from 15-20 degrees in the daytime and 10 degrees at night. Even the air temperature can sometimes reach 0 degrees in the morning, especially from July to August. locals call these extreme temperatures with "poison garden" which means "dew poison" because moisture causes damage to agricultural crops.

Tourism objects Dieng
Some cultural relics and natural reserves have become a tourist attraction and in the governance shared by two districts, Banjarnegara and Wonosobo.
Some visit the sightseeing places in the Dieng Wonosobo
- TH Color
- Telaga Pengilon
- Crater (sikidang, celery, Sinila)
- The complex of temples (temple Gatotkaca, Bima, the five Pandavas etc.)
- Eye Serayu river water (he can make ageless and can quickly match)

Vacation this time although only one night in Dieng, really Exotic to the environment, and unfortunately could not meet with a child-haired beggar.

Friday, September 10, 2010

mudik to semarang by argo bromo train

this trip was another. very emotional, yes .. going home is a journey full of meaning. Every year though this Happens, but Every journey must have been doing another. impression arising from the atmosphere in the street will of some very memorable. from jakarta, will of people flock to the regions of origin. Java coast path into the main route going home.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

prepegan pasar kembang

prepegan is a welcome event idhul Fitri. prepegan also referred to as the flower market. There are two days in the event this prepegan. two days before idhul fitri called the little flower market and the day before idhul fitri called big flower market.

prepegan was shopping at the market usually done in traditional markets by rural communities or suburban areas. their shopping needs of all types welcome idhul Fitri holidays. ranging from shopping for clothes, foodstuff, grain cakes, flowers, ornamental to other household appliances. besides shopping. interest other than as decoration, they also buy red roses, white roses, jasmine that will be used to visit the tomb of ancestor worship after running idhul Fitri prayers

experienced this atmosphere, I can not tell you much. atmosphere of warmth. intimacy, and the longing for  hometown so pushed inwardly.

congratulations fitri idhul , hopefully we include the people who win.

Monday, September 6, 2010

meeting on joglo house

community meetings to discuss all problems in society jolgo usually done at home. joglo house is indeed a means which is provided as a place for community activities. meeting meeting, social gathering, study etc.. joglo house is owned by UGM jogjakarta.  joglo home, which sits in the big city. joglo house was bought by UGM and then in the renovation. one of the purchase and renovation of existing homes in Kotagede .

joglo this as an effort to save the house joglo from extinction. when an earthquake in 2006 in jogjakarta, joglo destroyed many houses, collapsed and damaged. when the community was not able to fix, so a lot of homes are sold to collectors joglo from out of town. joglo house moves later and disappeared from Kotagede location. joglo house as one Kotagede identity became lost. this is the basic renovation of one house joglo by this UGM. as part of efforts to preserve cultural heritage as home joglo java

joglo house now stands this stately, renovated by the Dutch grant. implementation of the renovation led by a team from UGM jogjakarta and using local carpenters experienced in detailed joglo home builders, in an effort to keep the buildings and detail the authenticity of this ancient house

Saturday, September 4, 2010

dedication of a merchant diamond Lebaran

after running a month-long Ramadan fasting month, now is the time to the month of victory. time to go back to human nature. idhul Fitri will soon arrive. we will all welcome him with joy.

Indonesian society, especially in Java, the event will be the welcome Idul Fitri with all the festivities. snagat special day, be traversed by coming together with a large family. mudik become an annual ritual which only exists in Indonesia. there will never be in this world, people have enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of a day with a spirit to affect all parts of national life. Indonesian communities scattered throughout the archipelago will be returned back to his homeland. those workers who are far away from their homes, or relatives separated this during.

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