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Sunday, August 29, 2010

unique nuances on the river

borneo region's natural explore endless. of natural beauty to the uniqueness of life of people who have a lot of variety and interesting enough to be listened to. as there is in one of this vast territory kalimantan,  Banjarmasin also has an interesting  cultural diversity, stunning natural and community activities in exploiting the uniqueness of nature.

Banjarmasin is one of the bustling city with its population activities. but among the crowd that there is one activity that is characteristic of both the traditional tourist attractions. there are apparently unique in a market. not just any market, floating market is a traditional market that has existed since then and is a cultural reflection of the river people of Banjarmasin. again typical of this unique market place transactions on water using large and small boat which came from all corners. 

if you want to see and feel the expenditure on the ship he shouted as he moved from one vessel to another vessel in the floating market which was first performed in the morning get up early because this event took place only in the morning around 05:00 hours until 09:00 every day. These events occur because of Banjarmasin city residents are still many living in the water. houses built on poles or on a raft on the rivers edge.

not far from the location of the buoyant market, there is an interesting island to visit. flower island can be reached by using a motorized boat. on this island there is little long-tailed macaques are protected. even so, the visitors can still take pictures, or give the monkey a banana for the unique.
one of the landmarks of Banjarmasin city is holy mosque sabilal Muhtadin which stands grandly in the heart of 

the city of Banjarmasin, overlooking the river Martapura. with modern architecture and surrounded by towering five towers as well as an extensive parks and beautiful mosques. Muhtadin sabilal mosque two-story highway has a capacity for 15 000 congregational prayer places are mosques and community pride of south and central Kalimantan Islamic religious studies. besides many other very worthy place to visit. welcome to the city of Banjarmasin.


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