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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Monday, August 2, 2010

sandeq race 2010

ahead of stage IV, 2010 from mejene sandeq race towardPolman, Monday 2 August, the day before this day, one week august, the entire crew sandeq pa'lopi or take advantage of a pause, a day. they used the time to fix sandeq respectively.  
began to display condition, participants get the boat up to the physical checks and special care. they are required to prepare everything.

sandeq race in 2010 followed by 400 more pa'lopi and 42 sandeq. in filling the recess, during weeks 1 August, the committee held a contest to participate in the RI to familiarize katinting Majene and surrounding communities. there is also a triangular boat race which followed 13 participants.


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