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Friday, August 13, 2010

merapi mountain

Kali Adem is the location of substations of view of Mount Merapi from the south. It lies on the east side Kaliurang. Not far from here heading ascent to Mount Merapi.Kali Adem is a smoothed lava watershed located in the district of Sleman, Yogyakarta Cangkringan. From the direction of Yogyakarta is about 30 km to the north.
When taken from Kalasan get through alternative pathways that are not too crowded but the winding road, could also pass Title - Kaliurang with a straight path but rather dense traffic. Before entering the entrance Kaliurang or about 22 km turn right with a rather narrow road over a bridge embankment trim and then after a few kilometers north turn into the straight into Kali Adem. Roads are quite narrow but it was fine with hotmix and continue uphill to the north with housing residents on both sides of the street and place - the inn is opened by local residents.

Beautiful views when the weather is sunny on the way to Mount Merapi. Merapi summit looks stout with the release of smoke endlessly. A few kilometers before entering the campsite Kaliadem there is a very cool and shady campsite that can be utilized for both groups as well as mass-like school. There are two entrance to Kaliadem after we arrived at Kinahrejo, one straight to the location of the ascent of the second turn right and after getting the road turn left again continue straight toward Kaliadem, the second path, although there is less road climbs gently but not too steep.
Arriving at the location we can see the peak of Merapi, which is very handsome and beautiful when the weather was sunny. Sandy spit of lava at the time of the disaster in 2006 we can see ahead of us. Bunker trim guard shelter in case of flood lava from time to time we can see on the north side of the driveway and debris still left beside a house that had once been hit by the lava of Merapi.
We can find a way around the stalls selling souvenirs and food vendors also are cash Kali Adem Jadah and Tempe, crafts Edelwise as dried flowers. In the hamlet west of Kali Adem Kinahrejo or Bebeng house keeper is a very famous Mount Merapi is Mbah Marijan.
Entering the carpet of sand we could see Mount Merapi stout with steep slopes and cliff and steep, and how small we are compared with nature that is all around us if we stand on these sands. And when we look to the south we will see the city of Yogyakarta that is visible from a distance beautifully.
Bebeng tourist area, Kali Adem, a longtime tourist area of conservation, where forests and all living creatures that live in them are protected to avoid extinction. This area is often used by nature lovers as a place to start climbing, camping or just for students or lovers of nature.
Located in the area of Mount Merapi, to the east of Kaliurang, Bebeng has advantages such as beautiful scenery and fresh air. Bounded by the east side of Gendol River which is the location of sand mining. But the eruption of Mount Merapi, a natural disaster has brought big changes for this Bebeng tourist area.
Mount Merapi glide materials in June 2006 destroyed most of the area and Kali Adem Bebeng. Kali Gendol located next to the Kali Adem was originally predicted to be a watershed glide material. But the state says another. Glide materials chose to attack tourist area located only a few kilometers from the peak of Merapi. A result that was green, turns instantly to black due to the heat of the material.


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