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Saturday, September 4, 2010

dedication of a merchant diamond Lebaran

after running a month-long Ramadan fasting month, now is the time to the month of victory. time to go back to human nature. idhul Fitri will soon arrive. we will all welcome him with joy.

Indonesian society, especially in Java, the event will be the welcome Idul Fitri with all the festivities. snagat special day, be traversed by coming together with a large family. mudik become an annual ritual which only exists in Indonesia. there will never be in this world, people have enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of a day with a spirit to affect all parts of national life. Indonesian communities scattered throughout the archipelago will be returned back to his homeland. those workers who are far away from their homes, or relatives separated this during.

other than return to their respective homelands, Indonesian society will also be welcomed the day with all the festivities. including a large meal with your family. one type of food that must exist in every family is a ketupat (diamond). Diamond is a food made of rice wrapped in coconut leaves to form a square or a cube and then in boiled until cooked. diamond can be served with chicken opor and  ve of sambel.

in the past, each diamond is made in every family. head of the family and the boys must have mastered how to create a diamond peddler from coconut leaves. this in hereditary taught in their families - each. the Feast idhul fitri, each family will be busy preparing for this Lebaran ketupat.

at this time, grocery Lebaran ketupat already made by many traders. so that people more easily get it. many grocery merchants who sold the diamond in each corner of the city or a traditional market. various types of diamond sizes and models can be obtained. grocery diamond sold at Rp. 5000 per bundle that contains 10 fruit peddler 

The above photo is a grocery seller in the market diamond big city jogjakarta. they make as well sell it on the roadside. they start selling until a week before the Idul Fitri holidays idhul Fitri. they lead up to this activity and sleep overnight in those locations.


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