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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Saturday, August 14, 2010

hunting bukoan at pasar gede

Ramadan has arrived ...

fasting times is the same as last year, far from home. for an adventurer like me, wherever undergo fasting still feels good. let alone be able to enjoy a different atmosphere. various kinds of atmosphere and environment which was foreign to add spirit to draw closer to the Creator, and always sharpened inner sensitivity introspection.
promised in the enjoyment of fasting for Ramadan is a pleasure to run later on when they entered heaven and the pleasures of the two is that when breaking the fast. amen.

community welcome this holy month of Ramadan with joy. when breaking fast become a special time. all kinds of dishes served in every household. but, to me that far from home, it does not prevent enjoyment of the welcome moments of fasting. especially in the big city bustle jogjakarta legi market late in the afternoon till night. a variety of dishes for the breaking of the fast peddled along the road. ranging from snacks to a large side dish for any meal there.

snack centers who peddle food to break their momentum was and still is popping up in various cities in Indonesia. if in jakarta in benhil. in semarang there along the pahlawan road . than in big cities, along Kaliurang roads and in front of the mosque  UGM campus lot for the fast food vendors, who peddled by students in this jogjakarta.


athep said...

widiiihhh..mantap i like your blog....
visit me back ok's

windflow said...

thanks athep, and i have visited u r blog too

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