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Thursday, August 26, 2010

comfortable flying when pregnant

Baby's presence in the family is a gift beyond measure. Therefore, since in the womb should be guarded carefully. but this should not mean disturbing activities. for air travel, there are some regulations that must be considered related to the condition of pregnancy. of course these rules are made for the safety of the mother in order to successfully travel using an airplane.

The most appropriate time.
he most comfortable time to travel through the air is now the second trimester. because this time stepping on the mother no longer felt sick, as well as a decreased risk of pregnancy. although not at the beginning but this is when the mother has the best stamina.

Limit pregnancies.
the age of 36 weeks, airlines usually prohibits pregnant women to take part in the trip. but if provided with a doctor's medical records so the problem can be resolved. it is the most secure overland journey to motherhood.

Note the convenience of.
try to choose an aisle seat or a seat in front. with this effort to reach the exit and entrance not too hard. communicate when you check-in with officers. do not forget to wear loose clothing.

Stay healthy.
bring snacks and drinking water. but do not have a high salt content, because it makes you uncomfortable. especially if later on a lot of pee. drink as often as possible to avoid dehydration, and try to move the body. parts that need to be especially ankles to avoid blockages.

*source: batavia air crew


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