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Saturday, August 7, 2010

circumference Berau, a city full of stories

Berau regency, with the Redep cape its part  is capital of east Kalimantan. although his name is rarely recognized domestic tourists, but its development is very rapid. in the last five years, improvements in infrastructure and tourism became one of the leading sectors

Berau regency had known only colliery controlled by Berau Coal. Berau true but save a lot of history that are separated by a river. areas that only 27 000 square kilometers was once ruled by two political center.
The first king is baddit dipattung titled  aji surya natakusuma.  He has strong ties with majapahit year 1400 BC. said extension of Gajah Mada to unite Indonesia. different from the kings of Java, in Borneo every government has a different court. for aji surya natakusuma. central administration is located in Lati (ulak) approximately 50 kilometers from the tanung Redep. but now no trace

until the year 1644 sultan aji dilayas descent into nine had two wives. on the basis that the kingdom was divided in two. Sultan aji pengeran tua first son founded the kingdom in Gayam cape Redep hereinafter referred to as 'gunung tabur'. while her sister 'sultan Alimuddin' founded in sambilung.


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