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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cepot always present in the month of ramadhan

Every Ramadhan television stations in Indonesia are competing to show the program choice At the time of breaking fast, a number of television stations show the event with the theme of comedy. For example, the Global TV show 'bukan buka biasa (BBB)' starting at 16:30 pm. The event is supported by Okky Lukman, Ayu Dewi, Arumi Bachsin and Olga Syahputra
(Puppet) ' Wayang On Stage' will be a mainstay ANTV at the adzan Maghrib, is a comedy program by presenting collaborations between puppet characters (Cepot cs) with the comedians, like Olga Syahputra, Opie Kumis, Deni and Wendy "Cagur", Deswita and Rina "Journal ". Sinden Soimah and Cepot will guide the course of a duet in each episode's story.

Comedy stage drama in this format in addition to presenting renowned artists also display Cepot figures. Cepot became the central figure in each story. This event is packaged as a comedy with a story that varies. Players are free to improvise so that more natural cuteness. Puppet on Stage program is aired every day before iftar, from 17:00 am until 18:30 pm. 

Wayang is a form of folk theater which is very popular. People often link the word "puppet" with a "shadow", as seen from wearing a leather puppet show scenes, which appear shadows. In West Java, in addition to wayang kulit, the most popular is the puppet show. With regard to the puppet show, there are two kinds of them puppet show transvestite (cepak) and the puppet purwa show  in the Sunda region. Unless wayang wong, of all the puppets are played by a puppeteer as a leader who once sang the show seclusion, antawacana voicing, manage of the gamelan set,  songs and others.

In the puppet show, play is usually performed is the play carangan. Only an occasional strain of the play performed. This was as a measure of intelligence by the puppet masters play carangan create a good and interesting. Some of the famous puppet puppeteer among Tarkim, RU Partasuanda, Abeng Sunarya, Entah Tirayana, moldy, Asep Sunandar Sunarya, Cecep Supriadi etc.

Puppet show is currently more dominant as the folk performing arts, which has functions relevant to the environmental community's needs, both spiritual and material needs. That way we can see from some of the activities in the community such as when there is celebration, a good celebration (feast festivity) in order to circumcisions, weddings and other times when accompanied by a puppet show.

Cepot hopefully add to the spirit in performing fasting in the month of Ramadan, with all the cuteness, fad, rhyme and advice.


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