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Thursday, September 30, 2010

berau , east kalimantan destination

you already exist in  Berau, East Kalimantan? if you want to obtain good memories and can enjoy during your trip, you should come to the place the following:

  1. GIE river. swift-moving river, suitable for rafting.
  2. The tabur mountain palace. inside the museum, we can find a replica of the royal throne adorned with objects that are used by the king to receive guests and meeting with officials of the kingdom, there are also beds that are decorated with unique netting, used by the king as a retreat.
  3. Sambaliung palace. one of the historical tourist attraction which still stands majestic and preserved in the district sambaliung. cultural heritage which proves, Berau district has two intertwined royal anti-imperialist solidarity.
  4. Lunggun. Dayak coffins are buried in the caves of the mountains.
  5. Redep cape town . is the center of the district of Berau. all trading activities and public facilities there are in this city as well as means of entertainment


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