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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Saturday, August 21, 2010

bancakan, typical stall sunda

Bancakan restaurant is located on Jl. Trunojoyo No.62, with Sundanese cuisine menu. ranging from various types of stir-fry, saute Picung (kluwek young), urab, stews jengkol, jerohan, miscellaneous 'lalab' raw or steamed, fish with a variety of dishes (fish fried or grilled fish), chicken, as well as various types of 'sambel'. There sambel ijo, sambel ly, sambel raw, and sambel Oncom. all invited to enjoy the taste of this dish in restaurants. There is also, 'Tutut' (snail rice) is a delicious cuisine. not to mention the variety of drinks, among others, there cingcau ice, ice cendol etc. ..
This restaurant also provides the cake beam, ie cakes made from flour, like cake pancong, which is now very rare to sell. This restaurant is unique, among which are all types of food here is cooked using firewood, and visitors who eat here using tin plates and glasses. This restaurant basically served the village atmosphere, the atmosphere of the past.
Because of this uniqueness, so visitors crowded ... until the very long queue ... even many visitors who come from outside the city of Bandung, like Jakarta. if want to enjoy the atmosphere of the past with food, with a relatively cheap price, then came to this restaurant ... secured definitely want to come again ... I also want to go there again .. hehehe .. .. want to come? 
want to see more photos? klik  here


Belog Ajum said...

wow..nice blog..interesting places..

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