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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

kumala island tourism resort of kutai kartanegara

kumala island located in the middle mahakam river, with the wide 76 ha represent solidarity among traditional cultural and modern technology. this island is design to become recreation land arranged natty with solidarity of architechture of technology, traditional cultural and modern.

since year 2000 island of kumala develop to become tourism area. development of kumala island build step by step and expand. and continuously build additional for recreational facility to interest more visitor to come, specially for who bringing their family for weekend and enjoy all facility in exotic.

this island built to present culture of kalimantan with solidarity among kutai, dayak and java people. this fact can be seen with existence of traditional long house that called lamin, and also a temple called as the lounching gate of the island as one of religious place of  hindu religion of kutai kartanegara, and also big statue of lembu swana residing in part tip of island looking towards to kutai kartanegara luxury bridge.

crossing the river to reach kumala island by longboat or traditional boat (ketingting/ces), the cost or expense is Rp. 2.500/passenger, and  the lenght of time is about 10 minute, but for enthusiastic visitor, also can use cable car which  located in tenggarong seberang to reach kumala island. this island is suitable for recreational place and playing ground for the family, specialy for children. 

entrance fee for kumala island RP. 2.000/person. the facilities that available in this island , are :

  1. sky tower 75 meters high ticket fee adult Rp 7.500 , children Rp.5.000. 
  2. mini train  ticket fee adult Rp 5000 , children Rp.  2.500.
  3. merry go round ticket fee adult Rp 5000 , children Rp. 2.500.
  4. tour car ticket fee adult Rp 1000 , children Rp. 1000.
  5. cable car ticket fee adult Rp 7.500 , children Rp. 5.000.
  6. playing ground ticket fee adult Rp 5000 , children Rp. 2.500.
  7. trampoline ticket fee adult Rp 7.500 , children Rp. 5000. 

this island also available with resort complete with swimming pool and cottage.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

unique nuances on the river

borneo region's natural explore endless. of natural beauty to the uniqueness of life of people who have a lot of variety and interesting enough to be listened to. as there is in one of this vast territory kalimantan,  Banjarmasin also has an interesting  cultural diversity, stunning natural and community activities in exploiting the uniqueness of nature.

Banjarmasin is one of the bustling city with its population activities. but among the crowd that there is one activity that is characteristic of both the traditional tourist attractions. there are apparently unique in a market. not just any market, floating market is a traditional market that has existed since then and is a cultural reflection of the river people of Banjarmasin. again typical of this unique market place transactions on water using large and small boat which came from all corners. 

if you want to see and feel the expenditure on the ship he shouted as he moved from one vessel to another vessel in the floating market which was first performed in the morning get up early because this event took place only in the morning around 05:00 hours until 09:00 every day. These events occur because of Banjarmasin city residents are still many living in the water. houses built on poles or on a raft on the rivers edge.

not far from the location of the buoyant market, there is an interesting island to visit. flower island can be reached by using a motorized boat. on this island there is little long-tailed macaques are protected. even so, the visitors can still take pictures, or give the monkey a banana for the unique.
one of the landmarks of Banjarmasin city is holy mosque sabilal Muhtadin which stands grandly in the heart of 

the city of Banjarmasin, overlooking the river Martapura. with modern architecture and surrounded by towering five towers as well as an extensive parks and beautiful mosques. Muhtadin sabilal mosque two-story highway has a capacity for 15 000 congregational prayer places are mosques and community pride of south and central Kalimantan Islamic religious studies. besides many other very worthy place to visit. welcome to the city of Banjarmasin.

Friday, August 27, 2010

the eyes of monas

afternoon early evening, I was still at the railway station of dried. look around, the weather delivered until early evening so that the situation becomes a little dim. Ramadan a solemn atmosphere, deliver me in breaking the fast in the streets. a glass of mineral water, the pack of wafer bread simply remove  thirst.

Monas monument there visible tip that looks elegant with colored lights began to glow. busy waiting for a train passenger who looks more and more crowded. they may also break their fast. seen a group of teenagers were enjoying cold tea in the drinking water containers equipped with dry bread. there visible tip of a small family who also were enjoying the food. the mother called her son who was a child, for not running. while the father was enjoying a cigarette. among them there are some quite a lot of bags. it seems they will also return home.
Monas, be a witness to this moment, when the citizens of Jakarta will be back to my hometown

Thursday, August 26, 2010

comfortable flying when pregnant

Baby's presence in the family is a gift beyond measure. Therefore, since in the womb should be guarded carefully. but this should not mean disturbing activities. for air travel, there are some regulations that must be considered related to the condition of pregnancy. of course these rules are made for the safety of the mother in order to successfully travel using an airplane.

The most appropriate time.
he most comfortable time to travel through the air is now the second trimester. because this time stepping on the mother no longer felt sick, as well as a decreased risk of pregnancy. although not at the beginning but this is when the mother has the best stamina.

Limit pregnancies.
the age of 36 weeks, airlines usually prohibits pregnant women to take part in the trip. but if provided with a doctor's medical records so the problem can be resolved. it is the most secure overland journey to motherhood.

Note the convenience of.
try to choose an aisle seat or a seat in front. with this effort to reach the exit and entrance not too hard. communicate when you check-in with officers. do not forget to wear loose clothing.

Stay healthy.
bring snacks and drinking water. but do not have a high salt content, because it makes you uncomfortable. especially if later on a lot of pee. drink as often as possible to avoid dehydration, and try to move the body. parts that need to be especially ankles to avoid blockages.

*source: batavia air crew

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cepot always present in the month of ramadhan

Every Ramadhan television stations in Indonesia are competing to show the program choice At the time of breaking fast, a number of television stations show the event with the theme of comedy. For example, the Global TV show 'bukan buka biasa (BBB)' starting at 16:30 pm. The event is supported by Okky Lukman, Ayu Dewi, Arumi Bachsin and Olga Syahputra
(Puppet) ' Wayang On Stage' will be a mainstay ANTV at the adzan Maghrib, is a comedy program by presenting collaborations between puppet characters (Cepot cs) with the comedians, like Olga Syahputra, Opie Kumis, Deni and Wendy "Cagur", Deswita and Rina "Journal ". Sinden Soimah and Cepot will guide the course of a duet in each episode's story.

Comedy stage drama in this format in addition to presenting renowned artists also display Cepot figures. Cepot became the central figure in each story. This event is packaged as a comedy with a story that varies. Players are free to improvise so that more natural cuteness. Puppet on Stage program is aired every day before iftar, from 17:00 am until 18:30 pm. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

buka-bukaan di angkringan

berbukalah dengan yang manis, demikian kalimat ampuh ini selalu terdengar, bahkan menjadi tag spesial bulan ini. memang demikian seharusnya, idealnya dan seharusnya. bulan puasa memang mengundang banyak perhatian, semuanya tumpah ruah, mungkin itulah salah satu keistimewaan bulan ini. selain kalimat itu, diikuti juga dengan beragam nasehat dan tips bagaimana mengahadapi datangnya masa yang menguji keimanan dan ketabahan umat yang beriman ini. dari tips diet yang efektif, gerakan anti mah (itu lho sakit perut..), tips tetap bugar dikala lemes dan banyak lagi ....
enggak cuman itu, tiap saatpun dari tv, ruangan kita di bombardir dengan acara yang berbau reliji, mulai dari sinetron, berita gosip, acara masak bahkan iklan. yang masih asli cuma acara mancing kayaknya...hahahahaha mantapp!!
kamipun begitu,begitu adzan maghrib terdengar,langsung mengepung angkringan lek man yang ada di pinggir jalan malioboro jogja. meski bersebelahan dengan pasar sore malioboro yang menyediakan takjil komplit plit plt, kami lebih enjoy dengan terdampar di dingkliknya lek man.

enggak tahu pasti kenapa dingklik lek man lebih menyenarik bagi kami dan kayaknya enggak cuma kami, bayak juga yang nimbrung disini sampai tikar andalan juga langsung di gelar.
tapi..ada yang beda dengan semua yang kami lihat setiap saat di tv, enggak ada prosedur jelas berbuka puasa disini. sama sekali enggak ada bedanya antara  yang lapar dengan yang abis puasa. teh panas, esteh, langsung berderet di depan kami, menenami menghabiskan dua sampai tiga bungkus nasi kucing sambel bandeng. tempe mendoan dan tahu bacem juga enggak sempat di bakar. semuanya babat..dan hancurkan........
memang..jauh dari tatacara berbuka yang alim, kurma yang manis..minuman yang segar, makan pelan-pelan. karena memang lek man nggak bisa kulakan kurma, jauh katanya..mesti ke arab dia sih ngakunya enggak tahu mo naik apa kalo ke arab..yah..lek..lek..kan enggak musti ke arab to, nek mung kulakan kurmo......

lha nek aku kulakan yo mesti malah ngenes, wong kowe2 kuwi ra mungkin tuku..ngertimu rak mung warek....ngguwak duit....( lek man memang kakean alasan owk..........)

mungkin hanya disini, ato mungkin juga di sekitar kota ini yang acara berbuka enggak reliji sama sekali. tanpa diiringi kultim, kultum tausiah dan sejenisnya. karena enggak mungkin ada ustad yang mampir kesini.yang ada cuma celoteh pisuan yang mengiringi kecrohan. enggak peduli mbahas apa, paling sering menertawakan diri yang mimpi jadi koruptor di negeri ini. agar diperlakukan spesial. tema2 khas angkringan, nggak bisa di tebak, ngalir begitu saja. tergantung siapa yang banyak mulut.
...................enggak seperti waktu2 yang lain, enggak inget jam. kalau buka puasa seperti sekarang ini musti cepet2 bubar, selain udah kekenyangen, mesti sambung acara yang lain lagi.....................bye bye lek man...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

alun alun nganjuk

bosaaaannnn..dan capeeeekk....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

bancakan, typical stall sunda

Bancakan restaurant is located on Jl. Trunojoyo No.62, with Sundanese cuisine menu. ranging from various types of stir-fry, saute Picung (kluwek young), urab, stews jengkol, jerohan, miscellaneous 'lalab' raw or steamed, fish with a variety of dishes (fish fried or grilled fish), chicken, as well as various types of 'sambel'. There sambel ijo, sambel ly, sambel raw, and sambel Oncom. all invited to enjoy the taste of this dish in restaurants. There is also, 'Tutut' (snail rice) is a delicious cuisine. not to mention the variety of drinks, among others, there cingcau ice, ice cendol etc. ..
This restaurant also provides the cake beam, ie cakes made from flour, like cake pancong, which is now very rare to sell. This restaurant is unique, among which are all types of food here is cooked using firewood, and visitors who eat here using tin plates and glasses. This restaurant basically served the village atmosphere, the atmosphere of the past.
Because of this uniqueness, so visitors crowded ... until the very long queue ... even many visitors who come from outside the city of Bandung, like Jakarta. if want to enjoy the atmosphere of the past with food, with a relatively cheap price, then came to this restaurant ... secured definitely want to come again ... I also want to go there again .. hehehe .. .. want to come? 
want to see more photos? klik  here

Thursday, August 19, 2010

tadarus in ramadhan

After multiplying alms and tadarus, the main practice in the month of ramadan highly recommend is tadarus al-Qur'an. AL-Qur'an is the source of all sources of guidance for mankind. It's just to get a clue there is no other way except to read it, through reading the Qur'an.  instructions will be found, which in turn will deliver the man on life Hasanah in the world and the Hereafter.
In connection with an emphasis to read the Qur'an, the month of ramadan is a month lowered the Qur'an must be optimized for read (tadarus). The situation and condition of the solemn Ramadan enough to give assurance for every Muslim who reads to obtain the guidance of God.
Just need an understanding of the need tadarus reorganized, the causes of this charity that develops in the community is simply reading pronunciation (letters) only. So when it is read by ladziah considered enough, but what is desired more than that, and, therefore, after reading, increase the understanding of the meaning and significance, after it learned its interpretation and this is the actual meaning of tadarus done in groups (not alone ).
In his day Rasullah SAW always tadarus Qur'an that sometimes guided by the angel Gabriel as described in hadith Bukhari and Muslim, from the Abas Ra. he said.
And the angel Jiblil meet him (the Prophet) on every night during Ramadan, then rushed him (tadarus) Al-Qur'an. Rasullah SAW which can be canceled if the Qur'an walking with humans understand it, nor do they spend the nights of Ramadan except with tadarus the Qur'an, then what about us?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6 banjarese dances

noodle dance ronggeng tayub in Java or in Sumatran. the ballet is a dance performed in pairs that highlight eroticism. 

2. Baksa dadap
one type of classical Banjar dance is mentioned in the saga of   Banjar. the dancers took a bow and arrow called dadap, a dance that is very dynamic with rapid movement, as if he were to defend themselves from attack. 

3. baksa candle
one more type of classical dance series with a candle.

4. Arrows baksa
this type of dance, such as name, sung by the bow movement, according to legend group.

5. Baksa shield
use a small shield with a dagger drawn, the dance begins slowly and respectfully, but little by little faster movement, describing a battle.

6. Balastik
derived from the word 'latik "which means the bud, this dance represents the growth of young shoots

Sunday, August 15, 2010

salty watery city bungai , banjarmasin

Because the river that runs through the capital of Banjar  often taste salty, especially in the dry season, the name bandar masih was changed to Banjarmasin

Despite the establishment of this town was recorded on 24 september 1526, history has indeed come a long way before that, when the area is still called "bandar masih." 
from the first, big rivers that crossed the south Kalimantan province was already popular among the people wilt. since the time of the ancient empire nan serunai until the time of Buddhist kingdoms tanjungpuri  and the Hindu kingdom negara dipa, bandar masih plays an important role as a port city, a haven from the various ships of this old empire. the word bandar masih itself does have a meaning port melayu in the dialect dayak bukit. peaceful life here, until the kingdom negara dipa later developed into the kingdom negara Daha

banjar is salty

This port city still came during the civil war between the heir to the throne negara Daha , Pangeran Samudera, with one of his uncles. defeat pangeran samudera cause it must escape to save his life. however, the locals still love, trust and support the legitimate heir of the kingdom. communities bandar masih had refused to pay taxes to the prince's uncle and used the money to help pengeran samudera, conduct counterattack and regain his throne.

when his uncle finally relented, pangeran samudera formalize bandar masih as he leads this royal capital. the Prince also alter the ideology of the Islamic empire based to a degree and he took a breath Islamic empire, the sultan suriansyah. this is the beginning of Islamic rule in south Kalimantan, namely  Banjar Royal . victory day sultan suriansyah or prince of the samudera was later celebrated as the anniversary of bandar masih. because the river that runs through the capital of Banjar  often taste salty, especially in the dry season, the name bandar masih was changed to Banjarmasin

Saturday, August 14, 2010

hunting bukoan at pasar gede

Ramadan has arrived ...
fasting times is the same as last year, far from home. for an adventurer like me, wherever undergo fasting still feels good. let alone be able to enjoy a different atmosphere. various kinds of atmosphere and environment which was foreign to add spirit to draw closer to the Creator, and always sharpened inner sensitivity introspection.
promised in the enjoyment of fasting for Ramadan is a pleasure to run later on when they entered heaven and the pleasures of the two is that when breaking the fast. amen.

community welcome this holy month of Ramadan with joy. when breaking fast become a special time. all kinds of dishes served in every household. but, to me that far from home, it does not prevent enjoyment of the welcome moments of fasting. especially in the big city bustle jogjakarta legi market late in the afternoon till night. a variety of dishes for the breaking of the fast peddled along the road. ranging from snacks to a large side dish for any meal there.

snack centers who peddle food to break their momentum was and still is popping up in various cities in Indonesia. if in jakarta in benhil. in semarang there along the pahlawan road . than in big cities, along Kaliurang roads and in front of the mosque  UGM campus lot for the fast food vendors, who peddled by students in this jogjakarta.

Friday, August 13, 2010

merapi mountain

Kali Adem is the location of substations of view of Mount Merapi from the south. It lies on the east side Kaliurang. Not far from here heading ascent to Mount Merapi.Kali Adem is a smoothed lava watershed located in the district of Sleman, Yogyakarta Cangkringan. From the direction of Yogyakarta is about 30 km to the north.
When taken from Kalasan get through alternative pathways that are not too crowded but the winding road, could also pass Title - Kaliurang with a straight path but rather dense traffic. Before entering the entrance Kaliurang or about 22 km turn right with a rather narrow road over a bridge embankment trim and then after a few kilometers north turn into the straight into Kali Adem. Roads are quite narrow but it was fine with hotmix and continue uphill to the north with housing residents on both sides of the street and place - the inn is opened by local residents.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

warak ngendok welcome ramadhan in semarang

This time Dugderan  held in the  Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah region. Previously,  Dugderan  ordinary held in the  Kauman mosque area  near Johar market, and the last few years was held around the Polder Tawang, Old City, not far from the Pasar Johar.
is incomplete Dugderan without warak ngendhog . Peak of the event will be celebrated with a parade Dugderan with warak around the city of Semarang. Very very lively tradition of welcoming the arrival of Ramadan.
Warak Ngendhog is unique toys that appear once and only present at the celebration tradition called Dugderan . This fictitious animals like goats with a body shaped like a dragon's head. According to historians, this animal is a blend of animal  mythical Chinese dragon  and Buroq from Arab, in other words, warak ngendhog is a symbol of the unity of various ethnic groups in Semarang, considering that the city was founded Ki Ageng Pandanaran many ethnic Chinese live.
However, whether Ramadan will we live together will also be full of worship such as the lively and crowded welcome the arrival of this holy month?
Dugderan and Warak Ngendhog is a tradition to greet the coming month of Ramadan that we should not leave. But more important is how we fill in Ramadan with something that will make our worship is not in vain.
Ramadan not " latah" worship as practiced by most people. Like many people in droves to go to the mosque to perform prayers in congregation, but when the sacred months have passed, a good habit that was already finished. No more entourage who came to the mosque for congregational prayers.
Where the loss of splendor Ramadan? Ramadan is not only overflowing  like Dugderan with warak,  is'nt?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

enjoy the colonial atmosphere in the field Kesawan , medan

 Kesawan area met many ancient buildings  European-style remaining colonial. There Kesawan north field Idependent of ancient buildings adjacent to the Town Hall, Bank Indonesia,  PT. London Sumatra, Hotels Dharma Deli. withdraw it still met the suspension bridge underneath which there is a train station field. antique historic buildings namely the central post office also operates in Kesawan field. if the night this place turned into a night hawker. you can enjoy all types of food ready to serve by the seller. in Kesawan you can find various kinds of souvenirs, original shows typical magnetic field 

 *photo take from google

Monday, August 9, 2010

around archipelago , manado

There are monuments in Manado Jesus God bless. sculpture was made as the second highest in the world after the 'christ the redeemer statue' Brazil. 30-meter tall statue is located at 242 meters from sea level sub Tineleng Manado. If we look closely, it appears depict Jesus will fly. This statue is very unique because the only statue of Jesus that was built with a slope of 20 degrees. position directly overlooking the coast of  Manado city and Manado beach. Jesus god bless the monument in the city of Manado is a symbol of harmony among religious believers known and guarded by the people of North Sulawesi.

*photo take from google

Saturday, August 7, 2010

circumference Berau, a city full of stories

Berau regency, with the Redep cape its part  is capital of east Kalimantan. although his name is rarely recognized domestic tourists, but its development is very rapid. in the last five years, improvements in infrastructure and tourism became one of the leading sectors

Berau regency had known only colliery controlled by Berau Coal. Berau true but save a lot of history that are separated by a river. areas that only 27 000 square kilometers was once ruled by two political center.
The first king is baddit dipattung titled  aji surya natakusuma.  He has strong ties with majapahit year 1400 BC. said extension of Gajah Mada to unite Indonesia. different from the kings of Java, in Borneo every government has a different court. for aji surya natakusuma. central administration is located in Lati (ulak) approximately 50 kilometers from the tanung Redep. but now no trace

until the year 1644 sultan aji dilayas descent into nine had two wives. on the basis that the kingdom was divided in two. Sultan aji pengeran tua first son founded the kingdom in Gayam cape Redep hereinafter referred to as 'gunung tabur'. while her sister 'sultan Alimuddin' founded in sambilung.

Friday, August 6, 2010

pasar malam sinar kelana

'Night market' is an activity that is in forged by a group of mobile entertainment providers. entertainment group engaged in one location and move around. in one location, they stay for a week. Preferred locations are usually in the suburbs. they rented a spacious location, usually in the form of a football field.

These performances usually take place throughout the year, they kept going from one city to another. This group of family members living moving to follow the show wherever they perform. until many months they lived move. often up to a year they went back to his homeland, where the group originated.

arena 'night market' consists of various games. consists of the 'rainbow' 'carousel' 'ball bath' dexterity game '' electric train '. there are many others also sold souvenir items, such as 'T' 'accessories' 'toys' and not to miss is the 'martabak' etc.. besides traders from their group, usually many local merchants also take benefit of this event.

with the low prices, every game will be a busy high demand by local children. especially school vacation season, the arena 'night market' will be crowded with visitors. average value of each game ticket is Rp. 5000.

key word : pengelana , sirkus , komedi putar , bianglala

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gathot : memories of the past that are difficult to find

gathot is a traditional food made from cassava is processed into rice. cassava that has been shelled and then dried in the sun to be 'dried'. The drying process takes several days. drying is usually done by placing the peeled cassava above tile home. so that the drying process is sometimes also affected by rain, but this does not affect the results of the process of making these dried cassava. after a few days, cassava is dry and a little striped blackish color.then dried in the laundry clean and boiled, so that dried into a soft and slightly chewy. usually to enjoy dried in accompany with grated coconut and little salt.

Monday, August 2, 2010

sandeq race 2010

ahead of stage IV, 2010 from mejene sandeq race towardPolman, Monday 2 August, the day before this day, one week august, the entire crew sandeq pa'lopi or take advantage of a pause, a day. they used the time to fix sandeq respectively.  
began to display condition, participants get the boat up to the physical checks and special care. they are required to prepare everything.

sandeq race in 2010 followed by 400 more pa'lopi and 42 sandeq. in filling the recess, during weeks 1 August, the committee held a contest to participate in the RI to familiarize katinting Majene and surrounding communities. there is also a triangular boat race which followed 13 participants.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

jalur mudik lebaran 2010

Berita tentang mudik 2010, download peta mudik, informasi arus mudik lebaran 2010 sudah ada. untuk anda yang merencanakan mudik tahun 2010 ini bisa di download gratis peta arus mudik 2010 mulai dari lokasi SPBU, ATM, jalur mudik pantura, jawa – sumatera, atau yang terpaksa tidak bisa mudik bisa kirim-kirim sms ucapan idul fitri 1430 H dan kirim kartu ucapan lebaran 2009.
Peta Mudik 2009Download Peta MudikMudik 2009tambahan dari
Peta Untuk Ponsel
Peta Mudik Jawa 2009 merupakan aplikasi java yang dapat digunakan untuk melihat jalur mudik di pulau Jawa. Lembaran kertas peta dapat dilihat secara digital melalui ponsel Anda. Sayangnya hanya dapat digunakan di ponsel Sony Ericsson. Untuk ponsel lain belum dicoba apakah bisa berjalan atau tidak.
Penggunaan :
  • Tombol 1 untuk zoom in
  • Tombol 3 untuk zoom out
  • Tombol 5 untuk zoom maksimal
  • Tombol 2,4,6,8 untuk menggeser peta
  • Tombol * untuk fullscreen
  • Tombol # untuk berpindah ke posisi yang telah disimpan
Peta Untuk Dicetak
Download Peta Aslinya. Klik kanan di gambar kemudian Save as.
peta mudik lebaran sumatera jawa bali 2009
Peta Mudik Departemen Perhubungan (3,2 mega)
Peta Mudik CBN 2009
Peta Mudik Cybermap (2,5 Mega)
peta wisata bali 2010
Peta Wisata Bali (2,1 Mega)
Aplikasi Peta Mudik Interaktif
Sebuah aplikasi berbasis animasi flash yang bisa dijalankan secara online maupun diunduh ke komputer Anda. Aplikasi peta untuk pulau Jawa ini buatan dari
Peta Tempo Interaktif
Semoga Bermanfaat
Sumber2 : Cilacap Media 

Mudik 2010, Download Peta Mudik 2010
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 jalur pantura jawa

 peta wisata bali

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