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Friday, August 6, 2010

pasar malam sinar kelana

'Night market' is an activity that is in forged by a group of mobile entertainment providers. entertainment group engaged in one location and move around. in one location, they stay for a week. Preferred locations are usually in the suburbs. they rented a spacious location, usually in the form of a football field.

These performances usually take place throughout the year, they kept going from one city to another. This group of family members living moving to follow the show wherever they perform. until many months they lived move. often up to a year they went back to his homeland, where the group originated.

arena 'night market' consists of various games. consists of the 'rainbow' 'carousel' 'ball bath' dexterity game '' electric train '. there are many others also sold souvenir items, such as 'T' 'accessories' 'toys' and not to miss is the 'martabak' etc.. besides traders from their group, usually many local merchants also take benefit of this event.

with the low prices, every game will be a busy high demand by local children. especially school vacation season, the arena 'night market' will be crowded with visitors. average value of each game ticket is Rp. 5000.

key word : pengelana , sirkus , komedi putar , bianglala


Cormel said...

Pasar mlm di daerah mana ne ? kelihatannya keren... :)

windflow said...

di daerah semarang,pasar mlmnya sinar kelana, kyknya sih dari dearah demak/purwodadi gak pasti jg..heheh

Cormel said...

Jauh donk dr t4 saya, medan. hehehe

windflow said...

kl di medan gak ada yg model gini, kan bs liat di blog ini..hehehehe

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