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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Friday, July 30, 2010

romantic place at yogjakarta

Direct the footsteps to jogjakarta southerly city, stopping at altitude. climbed the steep  of the exotic hill. feels different from the everyday nature of the crowd jogjakarta beloved city. when dusk began to greet, quiet, the wind that always accompanies a red streak is now meeting at the west end. without many words can say to describe the tranquility in this peak. night approached, the more quiet atmosphere, delivering us into the minds of each.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

shinta and jojo keong racun

just relax sit back and watch

with uploading videos on youtube, two girls cimahi origin became famous. many proclaim in various national media. his style is cool, charming face, making his video became famous on youtube. they instantaneously become artists, beat actresses formation of the media 'idol'

many false comments from several artists, who may feel unchallenged or jealousy. but also many artists and community support. factors other than luck, did see the video they felt different, more entertaining than the original singer

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

matic motor for the surfer

vacation in Bali or Lombok, is incomplete if it did not do surfing. with the orphanage that is ideal for surfing activities, the tourists seemed to find a surf paradise. equipment can surf in the lease on the location, but there are also surfers who bring their own equipment.
surfing locations, usually located at some point locations, Bali and Lombok is an appropriate location for surfing. the surfer is not only to surf beach in one location only, they hunt for places to surf the waves are quite challenging with adrenaline.
surf boards are quite large and heavy, is an obstacle to shift locations in the surf. however, the managers of car rental in bali has a way to resolve the issue. the managers to modify the motor vehicle to transport a surfboard with a practical, safe and easy. This vehicle can also be brought from Bali to Lombok to search for desired surf beach.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

china town typical building

china town in southeast asia has the characteristics of buildings (especially the style of the roof) that follow the architectural style of China, made, namely the series coincide house and almost no side yard, such as commercial buildings now or buildings are modern 'town houses' a level two.

whereas china town buildings in other countries like the U.S. and Europe, in general they are buying, renting or lease existing buildings and rarely was originally built its own, like china town in southeast asia, so that the building in china town with their architecture other existing buildings

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thiwul rice

thiwul is one of the Javanese traditional food made from corn. old corn in the blend to become fine granules. then cook it with the boiled until cooked. the taste of rice  corn was slightly sweety and tasty. thiwul almost become the main meal most of the community of Java during the Dutch and Japanese colonialism. This type of food is the food for a low-class community, they consume these foods because they were unable to buy rice. besides, at that time also there is no food other than corn. rice can only be enjoyed by the colonizers and indigenous conglomerates including the king.

until the time of independence, there are still many people who consume these foods instead of rice. but now, these foods are difficult to meet in public. most people in Indonesia has changed to consume rice as a staple food.

in the present, thiwul still can find in some areas in Java. one of them can be met in jogjakarta Gunungkidul district. they no longer consume this food because the rice had no food, but only because the habits of society and has become a local tradition, making thiwul as local cuisine.

Monday, July 5, 2010

timang island for traditional flying up between island

timang islang offer beauty and shook a million for the adrenaline going to try to cross to the Island with this simple bridge. only with that in the mooring rope on one side of the island and across the sea with steep rocks, and strong winds, challenging to cross. For those of you with car connoisseurs of automotive and motorcycle off road dirt road to this location is quite fun and challenging to try. Beach locations are in Padukuhan Danggolo buckle, Purwodadi Village, District Tepus (West Coast Siung) the first corner after Heading the MarketNdakbong met pos Ronda to Right. Prove Your Guts and began to hunt to find this location .......

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