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Friday, May 7, 2010


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in advanced age, means of transport are also experiencing changes. Indonesian society needs means fast, easy and cheap. supported by the better road infrastructure, inter-regional relations in the region is also increasingly easy to pass.
the wider community the opportunity to have a more modern means of transportation is also very supportive. the public has easy land transportation facilities, ranging from motorcycles to cars. credit facilities used by the community to have a means of transportation. for example, the growing number of motorcycles because people are increasingly able to have and is supported by the easiness to have it.
but, amid the incessant progress of transportation and ease of having a car or motorcycle, disebagian society still use traditional means of transportation.
horses used for transportation Part of Indonesian society in some places. in areas that are still quite far from town, horses are still used as a means of transportation. lanteh stone in the district of Sumbawa district, the horse is still a sufficient means of reliable transportation. except for roads that are still good, topographic area also allows to use horses as a means of transportation. steep areas, the mountains with a steep road. in some places still have to cross a small river to get to a region. so that the horse is still a choice for some members of the community.


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