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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Monday, May 10, 2010

sumur awet muda

Bale Bandung is located in the building wells PLN. These wells are created from wood that is plugged by the duke wiranatakusumah II thn 1811. who is also zero km. (So it bandung o km there are two) one deandels versions, one version of the duke bandung. in this place every day on Thursday (Friday night) was held tawasulan routine. if you want to take water from these wells must be accompanied kuncen, because they can not arbitrarily take the water from these wells.time to visit, kuncen not here .. so can not take some water. Water from these wells is believed to bring blessings to all people in Bandung. 
Bandung city name was taken from a sacred well of people. Wells was named the Well of Bandung. He is the ancient wells that formed because of a miracle. There are actually two of these wells. Both are appropriate locations in the city center. Exactly on the edge of the Cikapundung river which divides the city of Bandung .

This one well location is located in the basement of Building Distribution for West Java. Existence is very well maintained. Even the water is often taken by PLN officials and the general public to take home. According to the newspaper, the water is very efficacious for treating various diseases. Interestingly again, the hall of the building was also given a name PLN Wells Bale Bandung. Giving the name of the hall also contains an attractive mystical story to be listened. behalf of residents of the wells is a supernatural gift that ancient wells.
The day before the hall was inaugurated, the goddess of wells occupants beckoned. Originally, the hall was already well prepared called Graha Bandung. But suddenly Kusnadi and Heri, kuncen Wells Bandung, a whisper of magic from the goddess of the residents of the well
finally, through a supernatural communication, residents were asked for a magical wells graha bandung was changed to well bale bandung. 

*from various gossip


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