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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ketep pass

if you are traveling from jogjakarta toward semarang, eyou can ry the alternative route through Magelang toward boyolali. You will pass Tourism Ketep Pass in Magelang district, which is Nature Tourism of Mount Merapi. Tourism Ketep Pass is located at 1200 m asl. The area around 8000 sq m, located 17 km from the easterlies Blabak Magelang, 30 km from the town of Magelang and 35 km from Boyolali. From the town of Salatiga, a distance of about 32 km, can be through Kopeng and Kaponan Village and 30 km from Borobudur Temple. Object location within easy reach of both the Big Bus, Mini Bus, Sedan, or the like as well as motorcycles.

Substations PERSPECTIVE 
The form of two pieces each with its own gazebo size rectangular and octagonal building with a long length of the five meter.Tempat to see the natural beauty of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.Serta stretch of farmland in the second foot of Mount tersebut.Sambil enjoy food and beverages provided by traders around the object.
Ketep volcano Theatre
A building where a documentary film about the activities of Mount Merapi, with a seating capacity of 78 scientific kursi.Film that tell about the occurrence, climbing routes, Garuda and research dipuncak gigantic eruption of Mount Merapi,

Ketep volcano CENTRE

A view of the building called the museum area of approximately 550 m persegi.Sebuah vulcanologi museum in which stood a miniature Mount Merapi, an interactive computer containing about dokomen volcanism, several examples of evidence of the eruption of rocks from year to top Garuda tahun.Poster sized 3x3m, early warning posters Mount Merapi lava

Courtyard PANCA Arga

Panca Arga has the meaning of the Five Mountains, this location is the highest peak in Tourism Ketep Pass.Dari highest peak of this visitors can see the Five Mountains of Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, Cleft and Gunung Slamet volcano.
In addition to these five mountain visitors can still see and enjoy the small mountains and hills are very beautiful, among others, Mount Tidar, Mount Andong, Mount Pring, Menoreh Hill, Hill Telo Moyo etc. 


Here visitors can enjoy a menu that is presented in accordance selera.Bangunan diRestaurant Ketep Pass above Ketep Vulcano teatre this glass-walled, ideal for guests while eating a meal that is also enjoying the beautiful panorama at the foot of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.


A total of two at the top of the Panca Arga and Sentry Pandang.Dengan this tool visitors can see clearly the beauty of the majestic Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu and other mountains.


Mosque a building area of approximately 10 sq m with an artistic form of the building, complete with wudlu places and toilets.


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