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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cultivate paddy in the village

NOW has entered the end of the rainy season which means the planting season has been done. beginning of this season is very meaningful for farmers, because they prepare the land for rice planting. Rice seedling nursery has been deployed in the area, so they know the beginning of the rainy season arrives.

Traditionally, they will begin to stir the soil by plowing their way, not with a tractor, but still use a cow or a buffalo. It is more likely to survive in the land of buffalo mud and sunburn resistant than cattle.

As the sun rises, when the fog still blanketed the countryside. The morning was still chilly bite to penetrate into the bone. Farmers have started to come down to the field.
Not many of us can enjoy the rural atmosphere and watch farmers plowing their fields using the buffalo, not so? Large urban communities, especially our children's generation only knew it from the print media or electronic media. Where we can observe the nuances of this special?


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