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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

arrangement of the store with bedroom

kiosk located in a resort area on the highway between Enrekang Tana Toraja and combined between the store with bedroom. behind the display of commodities there is a small mattress. This small shop in addition to displaying merchandise souvenirs typical of Tana Toraja and Enrekang, as well as a place to eat and drink for visitors taking a break from traveling between the Tana Toraja and Enrekang. in these stalls neatly packed, with tables and chairs are available for visitors, with a background stall directly facing the mountains. natural panorama of mountains known as  'mountain lady' makes visitors feel at home.


diana said...

wow..its an unique arrangement.. :)

unique said...

rapi bgt ....mgkn buat sekalian jagain warung,pintu "lucky strike " adalah kamar mandinya......

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