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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

joint celebration at metokke

metoke is to celebrate a particular event by presenting the food together in his own try from their own homes. after all members of the community gather with food in take it, then the local community leaders to give a speech or prayer. this is usually done in certain events in a region. "Metokke" done as a sign of thanksgiving to God for the blessings that have been accepted by the community. after the prayer was read, it is usually also delivered a little advice from community leaders, and the food brought by each person and then on to enjoy shared. usually because the food served too much, there is also food that is wrapped for take home.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bengawan Solo ( commemorate the legendary music kerongcong )

  Bengawan Solo is a famous Indonesian song about the Solo River, which flows through central and eastern Java, Indonesia and is that island's longest river.
The song describes the legendary river in a poetic and nostalgic way, that it is surrounded by mountains, its sources are near the city of Surakarta, that it ends in the sea, and that the merchants make use of it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

bali island will welcome you and take care always

wherever you are, safety, happiness will always accompany your great journey

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wisnu in paradise island

visiting the island of Bali is certainly a shadow of Kuta beach. kuta beach became the main destination of tourists who visit Bali. in addition, bali also have other icons, such as Sanur beach, dream land, shirts joger, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and many more other interesting places.

arrangement of the store with bedroom

kiosk located in a resort area on the highway between Enrekang Tana Toraja and combined between the store with bedroom. behind the display of commodities there is a small mattress. This small shop in addition to displaying merchandise souvenirs typical of Tana Toraja and Enrekang, as well as a place to eat and drink for visitors taking a break from traveling between the Tana Toraja and Enrekang. in these stalls neatly packed, with tables and chairs are available for visitors, with a background stall directly facing the mountains. natural panorama of mountains known as  'mountain lady' makes visitors feel at home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ketep pass

if you are traveling from jogjakarta toward semarang, eyou can ry the alternative route through Magelang toward boyolali. You will pass Tourism Ketep Pass in Magelang district, which is Nature Tourism of Mount Merapi. Tourism Ketep Pass is located at 1200 m asl. The area around 8000 sq m, located 17 km from the easterlies Blabak Magelang, 30 km from the town of Magelang and 35 km from Boyolali. From the town of Salatiga, a distance of about 32 km, can be through Kopeng and Kaponan Village and 30 km from Borobudur Temple. Object location within easy reach of both the Big Bus, Mini Bus, Sedan, or the like as well as motorcycles.

Friday, May 14, 2010

fashion mall bandung

 bandung  as a fashion center in Indonesia known by the name of paris van java. a lot of clothes shopping, one of which was the fashion mall. but to offer clothing with the latest models, as the name suggests, here too, often held a fashion show.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

elementary school dirty mind

so..the student is...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cultivate paddy in the village

NOW has entered the end of the rainy season which means the planting season has been done. beginning of this season is very meaningful for farmers, because they prepare the land for rice planting. Rice seedling nursery has been deployed in the area, so they know the beginning of the rainy season arrives.

Traditionally, they will begin to stir the soil by plowing their way, not with a tractor, but still use a cow or a buffalo. It is more likely to survive in the land of buffalo mud and sunburn resistant than cattle.

As the sun rises, when the fog still blanketed the countryside. The morning was still chilly bite to penetrate into the bone. Farmers have started to come down to the field.
Not many of us can enjoy the rural atmosphere and watch farmers plowing their fields using the buffalo, not so? Large urban communities, especially our children's generation only knew it from the print media or electronic media. Where we can observe the nuances of this special?

Monday, May 10, 2010

sumur awet muda

Bale Bandung is located in the building wells PLN. These wells are created from wood that is plugged by the duke wiranatakusumah II thn 1811. who is also zero km. (So it bandung o km there are two) one deandels versions, one version of the duke bandung. in this place every day on Thursday (Friday night) was held tawasulan routine. if you want to take water from these wells must be accompanied kuncen, because they can not arbitrarily take the water from these wells.time to visit, kuncen not here .. so can not take some water. Water from these wells is believed to bring blessings to all people in Bandung. 
Bandung city name was taken from a sacred well of people. Wells was named the Well of Bandung. He is the ancient wells that formed because of a miracle. There are actually two of these wells. Both are appropriate locations in the city center. Exactly on the edge of the Cikapundung river which divides the city of Bandung .

This one well location is located in the basement of Building Distribution for West Java. Existence is very well maintained. Even the water is often taken by PLN officials and the general public to take home. According to the newspaper, the water is very efficacious for treating various diseases. Interestingly again, the hall of the building was also given a name PLN Wells Bale Bandung. Giving the name of the hall also contains an attractive mystical story to be listened. behalf of residents of the wells is a supernatural gift that ancient wells.
The day before the hall was inaugurated, the goddess of wells occupants beckoned. Originally, the hall was already well prepared called Graha Bandung. But suddenly Kusnadi and Heri, kuncen Wells Bandung, a whisper of magic from the goddess of the residents of the well
finally, through a supernatural communication, residents were asked for a magical wells graha bandung was changed to well bale bandung. 

*from various gossip

Sunday, May 9, 2010

gempa aceh..lagi

penyebab gempa di sebelah barat wilayah NAD adalah penunjaman lempeng Indo-Australia ke bawah Eurasia. Walau pun energinya besar, yaitu 7,2 SR, pusat gempatnya berada di bawah kedalaman 30 kilometer.

"Sumber gempa yang dalam kecil kemungkinan menyebabkan dislokasi bawah laut yang dapat menyebabkan tsunami. Gmpa ini berpotensi dirasakan meluas," tandas Surono.

Badan Meteorololgi dan Geofisika mencatat gempa berkekuatan 7,2 SR terjadi di 3.61 LU, 95.84 BT atau 66 kilometer barat daya Meulaboh,  dengan kedalaman 30 kilometer di bawah permukaan laut.

Sementara US Geological Survey (USGS) yang berpusat di Hawai mencatat kedalaman gempa berada di 61 kilometer dari lepas pantai
lebih lengkap baca disini aja yah.. 

Friday, May 7, 2010


if you need a cowboysinparadise, she is parking here

in advanced age, means of transport are also experiencing changes. Indonesian society needs means fast, easy and cheap. supported by the better road infrastructure, inter-regional relations in the region is also increasingly easy to pass.
the wider community the opportunity to have a more modern means of transportation is also very supportive. the public has easy land transportation facilities, ranging from motorcycles to cars. credit facilities used by the community to have a means of transportation. for example, the growing number of motorcycles because people are increasingly able to have and is supported by the easiness to have it.
but, amid the incessant progress of transportation and ease of having a car or motorcycle, disebagian society still use traditional means of transportation.
horses used for transportation Part of Indonesian society in some places. in areas that are still quite far from town, horses are still used as a means of transportation. lanteh stone in the district of Sumbawa district, the horse is still a sufficient means of reliable transportation. except for roads that are still good, topographic area also allows to use horses as a means of transportation. steep areas, the mountains with a steep road. in some places still have to cross a small river to get to a region. so that the horse is still a choice for some members of the community.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the ideal mass transport to indonesia

transportation in the suburbs to the outskirts of Sumbawa. due to lack of public transport serving the number of users of transport services, the utilization of existing transportation become very strained. public transport should be used to carry passengers as many as 10 people, could be used to transport more than 20 people.
comfort and safety factors are ignored, the passenger does not feel worried about the safety of his soul. driver also did not care about the condition of the passengers, which is important for him was a passenger transported and can be money.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

markisa from solok , west sumatera

its not complete if a visit to the twin lakes, solok, west sumatera, if not slipped fruit juice markisa. commodity which grows only in cool temperate highlands such as the twin lakes area. in west sumatera itself able to produce 94.28 thousand tonnes of passion fruit per year and make this region as a major production center of national commodities such horticulture.some areas contributor passion fruit was in the velley districts gumanti,lembang jaya, gunung talang, dan payung sekaki.four areas that passsion into the barn there are about 2500 hectares of land area and production of 65 thousand tons/year and crop rpoductivity 15 ton/ ha. while passion fruit varieties grown in that area is super solinda with eigth months of harvest.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

yen ing tawang ono lintang

Yen ing tawang ana lintang, cah ayu
aku ngenteni tekamu
marang mega ing angkasa
ingsun takokke pawartamu

Janji-janji aku eling, cah ayu
sumedhot rasane ati
lintang-lintang ngiwi-iwi, nimas
tresnaku sundhul wiyati

Dhek semana janjiku disekseni mega kartika
kairing rasa tresna asih

Yen ing tawang ana lintang, cah ayu
rungokna tangising ati
binarung swarane ratri, nimas
ngenteni mbulan ndadari

Dhek semana janjiku disekseni mega kartika
kairing rasa tresna asih

Yen ing tawang ana lintang, cah ayu
rungokna tangising ati
binarung swaraning ratri
ngenteni mbulan ndadari

Dhuh Nimas mustika ning wang...
Kang ngujiwat maweh reseping ati...
Tetulungo raga ingsun kang ketanam asmara
Esemiro nyirnake lungkrah lan lesu...
Ngilangke rasa kang samar...
Tresnaku sundul wiyati....

Ngalam..lami ngujiwati yen anggeget lathi ajinjit alise...
Sak solah bawane lencir kuning neng semake...
Sinawang yen ngujiwat, pamikir tan kuwat kaya arep nekat...

Suwe..suwe tamat prasasat arep nggayuh jimat ...

Yen tengah wengi pangrasaku kaya wis sumandhing...

Aduh wong kuning...liringe nitra kang wening...

Amung tansah tak laleke nanging trus eling...nanging trus eling..

Wekasan peputonku upomone sekar ojo nganti layu
kanggo cecundhukku adhuh ni mas mustikaku...

Salah satu langgam karya Alm. Ki Narto Sabdo

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