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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kutai kartanegara animism

kutai kartanegara as oldest hindu kingdom in indonesia, located in hinterland east kalimantan, based in muara kaman.

this royal dynasty built by sailendra from java island, around the year 400 AD is called the kingdom mulawarman. as evidence of the history of the royal inscriptions mulawarman. there are seven thet called yupa palawa reads the letter from the sanskrit language. yupa is a stone monument that serves to tether teh animal sacrifice in hindu religious ceremony. the first king who ruled in the kingdom is kundungga mulawarman who have children named aswawarman. aswawarman born of a son who is very famous is mulawarman. 

kutai hindu kingdom also kown as kutai   martapura ing that stood since the 5th century changed its name to kutai katanegara. after united with the royal beach/coast, then the royal called kutai katanegara in martapura in teh 17th century. kutai triumph last hindu king who ruled a fifth of midle-aged adji pengeran  temenggung, 1475-1525 years BC. in the sixth reign, the king mahkota adji (1525-1600) began to embrace the religion of islam and considered within kutai lama.

there is historical evidence of the tomb of the two kings, namely the king of raja adji mahkota and the king raja adji dilanggar (1600-1605) listed as the seventh king. this tomb area including the kutai capital region, which is located in jaitan layar or roughly at the kutai lama village today, including in areas anggana kutai district. since the reign of the sixth, the region of islam became the majority religion kutai community.

imperial rule ended in the reign of king muhammad adji parikesit (1920-1960). he built the mosque of jami' sultan hasanuddin in kutai palace, who is now a museum mulawarman. 

kutai distric until the year 1959 is still a special area. current status has become a district, namely kutai kartanegara regency based in tenggarong.

tenggarong town inhabited by a majority of kutai and the rest of the population is dayak, banjar, bugis and javanese.


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