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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

enjoy the beautiful natural corridor

for the traveler who loves nature lovers engaged in fringe activities certainly caves or caving is an adventure that is hard to miss. holes created by the mother earth is full of beauty.
many natural caves scattered throughout the country. Part of it has even now neatly arranged by the local government and become a tourist attraction for the public. but nevertheless, you still have to make adequate preparation to avoid something undesirable.
your health. make sure you are physically and mentally in a healthy condition. besides, if it is not healthy, the adventure becomes unpleasant.
your gear. bring personal equipment such as a flashlight or headlamp, drugs, and drinking water. Do not forget also easy to carry snacks, like candy or chocolate. rope, helmet, and wear-pack is usually provided at the location of the cave which already has a good manager, and you just rent it.
your guide. take a guide who was often in and out of the area that you do not get lost, especially for the first time entered the cave in certain areas.
your safety. Do not perform dangerous activities, such as cave diving through a pool of water inside the cave, without the tools provided support. the risk is death.
your timing. look for the appropriate time in accordance with the conditions of the area, such as entry and exit during the morning do in the afternoon. note that fit the season. so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the place with the maximum.
your stay. if necessary, stay at the residential population. usually in the area of natural caves that have been developed are available homestay which is managed directly by the population. besides, you will also confronted with the rural atmosphere of the local community which will make the story becomes more interesting adventure.


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