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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Merauke Regency can be reached with merpati airlines of boeing 737 series 300. the name of plane is KLI that's local government property of merauke regency the flight route jayapura, timika, biak, makassar, surabaya and also jakarta round trip.

beside merpati KLI, merauke regency also has 1 twin otter airline that is called and there is some kinds of ships for sea transportations sucs as muliani, mAroka ehe, pusaka tambangan and elmasu.

Place of  Interest

merauke regency has a lot of beaches such as ndalir beach, payum beach, urum beach, kalborse beach, kumbe beach, okaba beach, wambi beach and especially lampu satu beach. its expansive sandy beach, offers a range of recreational activities. on certain days there are motorcycle and horse race along the beach. located 2 km from merauke town you can reach by motor vehicle.

along the road to wasur national park you will see hundred of untill between 3 and 5 meters in heigth. these are miraculous work of ants that nobody knows how long they worked.

lb. moerdani monument located in SP 2 district of tanah miring. it was made as sign in memory of him self as leader of RPKAD ( special commando brigade) who landed in merauke in the pirpose to made the freedom of irian barat ( now call it papua) from colonialism of dutch goverment.

teh carnival performance is the activity to celebrate indonesian independent day in august. that present various of culture in indonesia with their traditional attributes. that reflected of smll indonesia. beside that there is culture and art festival which held in october.

biras is one of tourism object which the people come to recreation and fishing every week end. located in the wasur national park.

wasur national park located 15 km from merauke town at the area of 412.387 ha. the area is flat and dominate by savana, mangrove forest, marshes an impenetrablebamboo forest. it  has various kinds of flora and fauna. there are 74 kinds of mammals and 410 species of bird, many of them migratory warders. this object offer interesting natural activity for tourist such as bird watching, traditional hunting, and fishing. it is easly accessible by motor vehicle from merauke.

pepera monument located in middle of merauke town. this monument was built on september 17th 1969 to commemorate in opinion determination.

sabang merauke monument located at district sota of merauke regency and also there is border country monument ( tugu tapal batas RI and PNG). its about 80 km from merauke town.


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