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Saturday, February 27, 2010

gerebeg maulud yogyakarta

maulud grebeg carnival traditional ngayogyakarta sultanate palace held back to conicide with the commemoration of birthday of prophet Muhammad, friday  26/2/2010. in dal java year 12  maulud falls on friday kliwon, frebruayi 26, 1943 to commemorate the birth of  prophet Muhammmad.when the even is held, many people watched the procession which was held in the north alun-alun are to the great mosque kauman, yogyakarta.

mound that contains vegetables, grains and various agricultural produce that is a sign of generosity king sultan hamengkubuwono X to the public. a total of 7 piece mountains are: 2 pieces lanang mountains, a mountain wadon,gepak, land, pawuhan and bromo. mound of the most special is mount bromo is issued only once every 8 years. one mountain lanang dedicated to pakualaman palace yogyakarta.

the procession out of the 7 mountain to the palace performance ponconiti ward led as the sultans brother, manggalayudha soldier, GBPH Yudhaningrat. participate this procession escorting the two brigades of soldiers puro pakualaman, plangkir and lombok abang soldier. and seven mountains was escorted directly surokarso bugis warrior.

when mountains outside from the palace, 8 soldier immediately paid tribute to the volley shot 2 time. next to the heavil guarded from poltabes yogyakarta, yogyakarta satpol PP, kodim 0734 yogyakarta, and the army navy marine corp brougth mountain to the mosque.

after the seventh mountain was reached in the courtyard of the mosque, along with all soldiers yudhaningrat remains guarded. in large mosque, mountains requested prayer mosque preacher KRT H. Kamaludiningrat.
as prayed for, the security forces keep tight so not looted mound first. after prayed, mound bromo with escort brought back to the palace. five mountains sold directly were taken residents who want to get a blessing and have it. less than five minute, five mound where sold looted to behind jodhang mound carriers.

a long the procession in front of mountains kencono ward, sri sultan hamengkubuwono X as the king of yogyakarta palce held a procession gerebeg dal ngabekten followed by relatives/ family court, the courtiers and the regent in yogyakarta. the ngabekten event is done only once in 8 years

in the event two of the palace treasures nyi kendhil kanjeng mrico and percussion kanjeng kyai meyek issued. as the procession was the emperor to make a lump of rice. lump of boiled rice using nyi kendhil kanjeng mrico then distributed to anyone who attended the event. this is also a sign of generosity and sodaqoh from the king.

special this year, the traditional ceremony of the carnival also featured Maulud Grebeg 8 elephants ridden by a keeper who started the procession Mount  Grebeg kirap Maulud. In addition there are also additional Maulud  Grebeg Mount called Mount Bromo. This mound will be contested by the courtiers in the palace Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

Course of traditional ceremonial procession Grebeg Maulud procession of Mount Question Wadon, Gepak, Pawuhan, and Dharat issued from the royal palace through Siti Hinggil Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Cultural, North Square, until the end of the Masjid Gede yard , Kauman, Yogyakarta.

Mountains are made from food ingredients, such as vegetables, beans, red peppers, sweet potatoes, and some made of complementary sticky and shaped like a mountain, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth of the land Mataram Palace ..

Parade lanang  Mount, Wadon, Gepak, Pawuhan, and Dharat led by Manggoloyudho (warlord) GBPH Yudhaningrat (brother of Sultan HB X) was greeted with a volley shot by soldiers when he came out of the palace within the palace and through the North Square.

Accompaniment of these mountain troops escorted nine soldiers court. That soldier Wirobrojo, Ketanggung, Bugis, Daeng, Patangpuluh, and Nyutro. They wore uniforms and attributes of different colors and carrying a spear gun, kris and ancient rifles.

Furthermore, a number of mountains was taken to the Great Mosque / Great Kauman Yogyakarta, to be blessed and prayed over by the headman court. Then it became seizure mountain residents who had waited since morning in the courtyard of the mosque.

While one was brought to the Temple mound, a distance Pakualaman approximately 1 km from the palace with soldiers escorted the traditional and then became seizure of hundreds of local residents.

Those who get a portion of these mountains still believe that charity King Ngayogyakarta Sultanate Palace Sultan Hamengkubuwono X will bring blessings to their lives

Keraton Ngayogyakarta Sultanate during the year held a traditional ceremony of Grebeg three times the Grebeg Syawal was held to coincide with the Eid holiday, coinciding with the Great Grebeg Idul Adha, and Grebeg Maulud or coincide with the commemoration of the birth of the Prophet.

The ceremony which was held this hereditary wide attention from the people of Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Even tourists from overseas did not miss too come to see the ritual is held each year.

Community and foreign tourists waiting since early morning to enjoy the spectacle of a traditional ceremony is hereditary though should stand huddled in the middle of the sun.

The procession this year Grebeg Maulud looks attract the attention of tourists, who patiently waited since the beginning until the end of the traditional ceremony and they were enthusiastically perpetuated the traditional procession, either through a camera or video camera.

The event ended after the Bromo mountain loaded into the palace and hotly contested family court .


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