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Saturday, February 20, 2010

MALIOBORO, nostalgic IN HEAVEN Souvenirs


Stretched across the imaginary axis connecting the sultan's palace, monument and the peak of Mount Merapi, this path is formed into a trade locality after Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I developed a means of trading through a traditional market since 1758. After over 248 years, the place still survive as a trade area even be one of the icons of Yogyakarta, known as the Malioboro.


Located about 800 meters from the sultan's palace, this place was once filled with a bouquet of flowers every time the Palace implement celebration. Malioboro, which in Sanskrit means "flowers" becomes the basis for naming the street.

Flanked by shops, offices, restaurants, star hotels and historic buildings, streets that once had to struggle as the basis of the Dutch military aggression to-2 in 1948 the land was once a wandering of the artists belonging to the community Persada Studi Klub (PSK) led artists Bannerman Landu Paranggi since the 1970s until around 1990.


Souvenirs center

Enjoy the shopping experience, unique souvenirs hunting Jogja, tourists can walk along the shoulder of the road corridor (arcade). Here will find many vendors that hold merchandise. Ranging from local handicraft products such as batik, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo crafts (key chains, decorative lamps, etc.) also headcloth (hat typical Java / Yogyakarta) and silver goods, until the merchant who sells knickknacks are more common found in other commercial places. 

Throughout the arcade, but tourists can shop in peace in a sunny or rainy conditions, also can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience at bargain prices. If lucky, can be decreased or even third half.


Do not forget to leave little energy. There is still a traditional market that must be visited. In the place known by Beringharjo market, but tourists can find similar items for sale along the arcade, this market provides a variety of traditional products is more complete. In addition to local products Yogyakarta, also available products such as neighboring areas or batik Pekalongan batik Solo. Looking for batik or batik print, or just looking for decorating the windows with curtains unique motifs and batik bed sheets beautiful. This place will satisfy your shopping desires unique goods with cheaper prices.

Shopping in the Malioboro area and Beringharjo, be sure not fooled by the price offered. Usually the vendors to raise prices than usual for tourists.


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