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Monday, February 15, 2010

dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is the main type of fruit than the cactus. He could grow in the sun enough in various fields. Dragon fruit is ripe weighing approximately 400 grams, but there are also greater.

Dragon fruit fill white, red, or purple with a sprinkling of seeds, black to be eaten. Texture it is like the contents of watermelon, when it also is like a kiwi fruit. Unique characteristics that make a very suitable dragon fruit ingredients used in fruit salads.

imlek or china new year is celebrated with great fanfare by lantern light is also required fruit. fruit is usually served oranges, pears, apples and do not miss the dragon fruit.

whether it is in season or there is a relation, dragon fruit trees begin to bear fruit festival coincides with the period imlek.

such as dragon fruit trees I planted in the narrow front yard, now bear much fruit. coincides with the celebration imlek, dragon fruit is ripe and can be picked. This year, more fruitful than the previous year.

dragon fruit in my yard is white. trees that ran lengthwise on the fence. usually if planted in the orchard is managed by its professional tree will be created pillars buffer, but because it is only a hobby of gardening, just in place along the fence.


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