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musim liburan hampir tiba....siap lebih awal

Sunday, February 28, 2010

cihampelas point , factory outlet in bandung



shopping atmosphere has begun to shift a lot. attract customers not just provide a comfortable atmosphere, cheap prices, good quality but with display a something typical  . 

as practiced by one of the factory outlet in bandung, besides serving as most of FOs, this shop present zoo  in the store. zoo contains rare animals.  including sumatera tigers , komodo dragons, four-horned goat. python, anoa, four-legged chicken, etc.  

with an interesting spatial planning, in addition to convenient shopping visitors, can also see various rare animals. existence of this own zoo its adds charm among the number of FOs in the Cihampelas street.



bandung as the capital of west Java is a complete city. starting from the historical city of Indonesia's independence struggle, many stores monumental buildings. city tour with a cool nature, known as paris van java, or also city of flowers

bandung well as the city's shopping is very famous as the center aoutlet and shoe factory. aoutlet factory lots scattered throughout the city bandung. shopping centers in the factory outlets along the road there Cihampelas. (or dago?) 



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