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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beringharjo of Batik Market

   " EENDER MOOISTE PASSER OP JAVA" or one of the most beautiful markets in Java is not as excessive for Beringharjo market. The construction market in the form of reinforced concrete and being familiar with tropical architecture is also the oldest market of its existence has philosophical and historical value that can not be separated from the palace of Yogyakarta. 

Traditional markets continue to grow is built on 2.5 hectares of land and the rehabilitation experience twice in 1951 and 1970. Along with the times and the government, it Beringharjo market taken over by the city of Yogyakarta.


Beringharjo market is one component of the pattern of urban planning in the Kingdom, commonly called a pattern of Palace Catur Tunggal, Square, Market and Masjid (Holy Buildings).

Market location used to be a rather broad field, muddy and a bit muddy, too many trees beringinnya, the east (non-permanent buildings) is a former tomb of the Dutch people. This place is officially used as a meeting of the people, once appointed by the Sultan of Yogyakarta in 1758. After that people started to use the built-umbrellas shelter from heat and rain .

Growing conditions until the Government deems it necessary to build the market as a worthy representative and the central market in Yogyakarta. Concrete Maatschapij indisch Nederlansch assigned to build  a market hall on March 24, 1925. At the end of August 1925, 11 stalls have been resolved, and others followed gradually. At the end of March 1926, construction completed and the market began to be used a month after that.

 While the new name given Beringharjo himself after his reign Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. He ordered that the names of Java that is used for all agencies under Ngayogyakarta Sultanate. Name Beringharjo considered appropriate because the market is the former location of banyan and banyan forests is the greatness and protection symbol for many people. So it is in accordance with the market image that had burned in 1986 as a market center or big market  for the Yogyakarta community.


Every day at 06.00-17.00 WIB


Main components:

• Land

• Store patch / stores

• foundation in the corridor

• foundation outside the corridor

• foundation outside the Market

• Warehouse

• animal cage

 Supporting components:

• Laundry Facility

• Support Pack Fit

• Mechanical Electrical

• Communication Facilities

• Facility belay Animals

• Special Way

• Facility Security

• Hygien and Sanitation Facilities

Supporting components:

• Center for Health Services and Child Care

• Transport Service Center

• Office Manager

• Cooperative Office Market

• Places of Worship / Small Mosque / Mosque 



• stores and batik clothing corridor

stores and  household needs corridor

stores and electronic devices corridor

stores and fruit corridor

stores  and hawker stalls markets


- Prices of goods in this market can generally be negotiable if you wish. be Smart bargain!

- Be careful with pickpockets when in the market  Beringharjo.


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