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Sunday, February 21, 2010

ankringan kota gede jogja


angkringan is a term used to describe eating places that are not too large. This term is used because the visitors who eat in the place his feet in place on the wooden bar under the table.

in jogja used term angkringan , in solo wearing term "hik" (hidangan istimewa kucing)-a special meal cat - in semarang called “the shop of koboy”.

presented menu variety. from drinks , snacks to food weight. beverages are served mainly tea, coffee, orange juice, milk. everything can be served in a hot or cold.

angkringan food in the form of fried , wrought bacem , intestines satay, chicken satay, fried quail, quail egg satay. There the main menu of rice with little dishes, commonly called “rice cat”. cat rice handful of rice with toppings of a small piece of fish or peanut vegetables served with sambal chilli.

angkringan a favorite place to hang out, talk, the discussion of trivial issues until so political state. students became the main customers angkringan, especially in the city of Jogja and Solo. so angkringan more easily found near the campus.

to be continued...


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