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Sunday, January 17, 2010

sukuh temple

Sukuh Temple is a Hindu temple complex located in Karanganyar District, former residency of Surakarta, Central Java. This temple is categorized as a Hindu temple for the discovery of objects phallus and yoni idol. This temple is classified controversial because of its less common and because of the large objects and yoni phallus which symbolizes sexuality. 

Location Sukuh temple is located at the foot of Mount Lawu slopes at an altitude of approximately 1186 meters above sea level. this temple located in dukuh Berjo, Sukuh Village , Ngargoyoso district, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. This temple is located approximately 20 kilometers from the town of Karanganyar and 36 kilometers from Surakarta.

In addition to the main temples and statues of turtles, eagle and reliefs, were found also some animal-shaped statues boar (wild boar) and saddled elephant. In ancient times of knights and nobility riding elephants.  

Then there were horseshoe relief building with two human figures in it, in thought and the right side facing each other. Some argue that this relief represents the womb of a woman and left figure represents the evil and the right figure represents virtue. But this is not so clear.

Then there is a small building in front of the main temple called the pewara temple. In the middle of this building there is a hole and a small statue without a head. This statue is by some quarters is still sacred because it is often given offerings.


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