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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

srandak beach

Kuwaru beach is one beach in Bantul, located on the east coast Pandansimo. Administratively coastal hamlet area include Village Poncosari Kuwaru Srandakan District. 

the distance from the city of Yogyakarta about 29 KM. For the beach is quite easy because the available facilities of adequate roads. On this beach but we can enjoy the waves south coast is also food shops with a variety of menu offerings.

One thing that distinguishes the other beaches on the coast of Bantul Kuwaru we can enjoy the beach breeze while dining or relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Shade of the beach thanks to the efforts undertaken afforestation residents from about six years ago.

Coast Pandansimo in Poncosari Village, District Srandakan, approximately 20 kilometers southwest of Bantul City. Located adjacent to the Progo River Estuary, and is the most western coast of the South Coast line into the area of the Bantul District.

Big waves and wild, mystical atmosphere which is still thick with the many sacred petilasan, fishing frenzy fight against violent tide is its own attraction for tourists. Besides the beautiful beach panorama, on the coast there are also Pandansimo tourist attraction and pilgrimage as Pandansari Pandanpayung. Interesting things can be done here is to shop direct from marine fish the local fishermen.

Pandansimo name itself comes from the word "pandan (pandanus trees) and" Simo "(tiger). Here there are also many cultural activities such as traditional ceremony Merti Village, sea port alms, and performing arts culture. 

Thus a small pleasure in the middle of the pulse of life in the Coast Pandansimo fishermen. Simply paid admission tickets which average under $ 2,000 per head, you can feel the pulse of life full of simplicity fishermen.


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